Lex McMahon will be making his MMA debut for supporting military veterans and fighters

Lex McMahon is ready to make his MMA debut to raise awareness against issues faced by war veterans and fighters.

Dana White and Lex McMahon

Titan FC COO Lex McMahon is all set to step in the Octagon. This in-ring appearance will be for the cause of creating awareness in support of military veterans and fighters.

McMahon is 49 years old and at this Friday night’s titan FC 64 event he announced that he will be competing in his first Martial art bought.

This fight is going to happen against one more fighting veteran Justin Thornton at the event fighting force 4, which will be streaming on the UFC fight pass. McMahon is working as a sports manager and promoter for over a decade. He said he is doing this to get a better understanding of why fighters step in this ring.

He said, “Why does the old man want to get his ass whooped and get after it? For 12 years, I’ve been asking these fighters to go in and fight. So I can make money and my partner can make money. He also added It feels a bit inauthentic and disingenuous to not to have done this”.

All these feelings, all these emotions, hard work and pain, and suffering. I’m gonna go through it. I’ve been going through it quietly behind the scenes”. McMahon seems desperate to get in the ring and feel all this.

The Noble Cause for the fight

Lex McMahon

McMahon was also a former United States Marine, and he works with AHERO now i.e. a nonprofit organization working for the military veteran’s benefit. This fight is going to bring attention to Veteran Suicide Awareness and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and raise funds to fight these issues.

He said, “I want to raise awareness about PTSD and veteran suicide, I’m gonna donate my entire fight purse, my sponsorship money. I have a goal to raise 50,000 $ and donate it to AHERO”.

The veteran also warned his opponent saying “Don’t fu*kin underestimate me, I’m an old man, but you better be training your a** off”. The fight will surely catch a lot of people’s attention to see two fighting veterans getting in the ring and fighting for a noble cause.

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