Logan Paul to host Slap Fighting Championship with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Here is everything you need to know about Logan Paul hosting Slap Fighting Championship with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Logan Paul Arnold Schwarzenegger
Logan Paul Arnold Schwarzenegger

YouTube sensation Logan Paul is all set to share the hosting stage with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Slap Fighting Championship next month.

The Slap Fighting event is a competition where the contenders will hit each other with a flat palm on the face in order to get a knockout. It will continue until one of them falls down or surrenders. During the slap, athletes are not allowed to flinch and have to eat the slap with a straight face. 

Paul recently shared a post about this even in his official Instagram account. The post was a promo clip of the competition which is going to take place on March 5 in Columbus, Ohio.  The competition is being organized by a Poland-based slap fighting promotion, PunchDown. 

Paul captioned the post by writing “hosting the @slapfightingchampionship with @Schwarzenegger, March 5 LIVE & free on my YouTube channel and @Fanmio. This is going to be f** insane.” 

Paul is an internet superstar with a massive fan following and has always been creative when it comes to business opportunities. He has made millions fighting as a boxer and has sold out pay-per-view events. Recently he started a joint business venture with former rival KSI to launch a new energy drink, Prime. The idea of Prime energy drink turned out great and due to the incredible marketing, the stocks were sold out instantly. 

On the other hand, Schwarzenegger is a former Mr. Olympia and has won the title for six consecutive years. The Austrian, after retiring from bodybuilding, started acting and became a huge Hollywood superstar. He also served as the governor of California from 2003 to 2011. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger praised Logan Paul’s success

Logan Paul Arnold Schwarzenegger
Logan Paul Arnold Schwarzenegger

With the announcement of hosting the Slap Fighting Championship together, Paul also invited Schwarzenegger on his podcast, IMPULSIVE. During the podcast, the former Mr. Olympia gave Paul the credit he deserves.

Schwarzenegger told “You have this in you, that desire to grow or you don’t, because that’s where it all begins…I think that’s also why I’m sitting here today and doing this podcast because I admire you guys.“I always say to everyone, ‘this is so great, ordinary guys from Ohio that go and say, ‘we want to be special, we don’t want to just be ordinary guys, and we are willing to put the effort into it.” 

Paul made headlines last year when he fought the legendary Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition boxing bout. Being a YouTuber with not much boxing background, getting an opportunity to fight with Mayweather and making millions of bucks is amazing.

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