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Ludwig announces Beerio Kart 2022 World Cup event : Here’s all you need to know!

Ludwig is back with yet another tournament and this time for Beerio kart! Read More Here!

With Ludwig organising numerous different events in the form of gaming tournaments, he has announced the return of his Beerio Kart tournament series.

The tournament is based around players getting drunk while playing the ever-popular Nintendo game, Mario Kart which makes playing the game even more difficult.

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Ludwig’s Beerio Kart Event returns!

The Beerio Kart event created and hosted by none other than the famous Twitch streamer turned YouTuber, Ludwig, is a tournament for the game, Mario Kart wherein the participants will be drinking beer while playing the game and getting slowly but increasingly drunk with time.


The event is set to take place on the 7th of July at 1 PM Pacific Time on Ahgren’s own channel where people will be able to tune in and watch 16 streamers play in the tournament.

Ludwig’s Beerio Kart : Schedule and Streams

Ludwig is all set to host the Beerio Kart event on Thursday, 7th July where entertainment is guaranteed and you are sure to have a good time.

Ludwig’s YouTube Channel

The event will be streamed live on Ahgren’s YouTube channel from 1 PM Pacific Time and the drunken shenanigans are definite to begin as soon as the event begins.

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Ludwig’s Beerio Kart Format

The exact format for the Beerio Kart tournament hosted by Ahgren isn’t announced yet and if the name is to be believed, there are surely going to be punishments around drinking for the people coming in last.

What is confirmed however, is the method by which his team will be setting the tournament up. Eight GameCube systems will be hooked together forming a LAN network so they would be able to run 16 person double dash races.

The number of races to be played, the tracks to be played on, and the rewards for the tournament are yet to be revealed and we presume they will be revealed during the live stream itself.

Beerio Kart Participants

The only fact known to the public as of now about the participants of the Beerio Kart event is the number of participants that will be playing in the tournament which is 16.


The names or any details for that fact have been revealed by neither Ahgren nor his team about the participants and it seems we’ll get to know them tomorrow on the stream itself.

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