“Grown a** man coming after my family!” Luka Doncic reveals reason for FURIOUS celebrations over win against OKC

Luka Doncic reacts to a particular fan going at his family during Game 2 against the OKC Thunder.

“Grown a** man coming after my family!” Luka Doncic reveals reason for FURIOUS celebrations over win against OKC

Luka Doncic

After putting on a lackluster showing in Game 1, the Dallas Mavericks handily defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 2 to even the Western Conference playoffs at 1-1.

In Game 2, Luka Doncic and P.J. Washington led Dallas’ scoring efforts to tie the ongoing NBA playoff series. Interestingly, battles were fought by Doncic both on and off the court.

The moment that caught much attention was Doncic’s altercation with a courtside fan. In addition, after the Mavs secured the win in Game 2, Doncic silenced not only the OKC fans but also a particular fan courtside who had been going at him and his family since the start of the game.

Doncic told the media the specifics of the exchange after the game. One of the reporters questioned Doncic regarding his argument with a particular fan in the game.

That’s great for me, I love it. There was one guy, courtside, going at my family. I don’t like that. A grown a** man just can’t do that… I just went back, it’s crazy. That’s a grown a** man coming at my family. That’s kinda nuts.
Doncic said

Not only that, Doncic repeatedly yelled at that same fan as he was scoring baskets on the court. On the contrary, the Dallas Mavericks and their fans will be hoping that their side builds up on their recent win against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Luka Doncic and PJ Washington shine against the Thunder in game 2

The Dallas Mavericks were determined to make amends for their Game 1 loss against the OKC Thunder. Their main man, Luka Doncic, was at the forefront of the attack, which led to a win away from home. The 25-year-old increased his intensity and finished with a game-winning 29-10-9 performance, three steals, and a block.

It was not only Doncic who shined in this game; his teammate PJ Washington also came alive and performed brilliantly for the Mavs. 

Washington took care of the offensive side of the game, dropping a playoff-high 29 points with 11 rebounds. Importantly, he was top-notch on the perimeter, giving the OKC defense a tough time throughout the game.

With the Mavs securing a much-needed win against the Thunder, they will be hoping to continue this run in the upcoming matchups. It remains to be seen how this NBA playoff series unfolds in the next few weeks, as a lot of expectations will be placed on the Mavs to go through to the next round.

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