Luka Doncic takes blame for Celtics defeat despite 30-point triple double night

Luka Doncic's triple-double was ineffective in front of the Celtics.

Luka Doncic takes blame for Celtics defeat despite 30-point triple double night

Luka Doncic took the blame for the Mavericks loss in Game 2

The Dallas Mavericks lost yet another game in the NBA finals despite Luka Doncic‘s incredible performance. The MVP finalist gave his all on the court but was unable to stop the team effort by the Boston Celtics. However, the star decided to take the high road and took responsibility for the loss.

Luka Doncic was the only standing soldier for the Dallas Mavericks as the guard dropped a 30-point triple-double in Game 2. But the 25-year-old had some flaws in his game which according to Doncic were the reason for the defeat. During the press conference, the Mavericks guard took the blame for the loss.

I think my turnovers and my missed free throws cost us the game. So, I gotta do way better in those two categories. But at the end of the day we gotta make shots to win the game.
Luka Doncic at the post-game presser

Doncic dominated the first half by dropping 23 points and playing consistently to reach 32 points to go with his eleven rebounds and eleven assists. But the star had eight turnovers and missed half of his free throws. Even if the downsides played a role in the upset, they were not the sole reason for the loss.

Doncic received close to no help from his teammates as none of the other Mavericks were able to touch the 20-point mark. As Doncic mentioned himself, the team needs to make more shots to take down the Celtics. Mavericks’ lack of effort as a team cost them the second game in the NBA finals.

Luka Doncic made history with his triple-double in Game 2

Doncic was revealed questionable just a few hours before the tip-off. The star has been struggling with multiple injuries including a sore ankle, sprained knee, and even a bruised chest. However, Doncic did what was needed for his team and came to play against the Celtics.

The star shocked the viewers with his performance as he took charge of the game and made history with his triple-double. The outing was unique for a few reasons including it being the first triple-double by a Maverick in finals history. On a more important note, Doncic became the youngest player in history to score a 30-point triple-double in the finals.

The star recorded his 7th triple-double of the postseason which was ineffective for the team. Doncic needs help for the Mavericks to make a comeback and potentially win the series. All eyes will be set on the Mavericks home performance in Game 3.

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