Luka Doncic upset with Mavericks after they fail to call out ‘timeout’ in loss to the Bucks

Luka Doncic almost scored an triple-double with 28 points, 13 assists and 9 rebounds

Giannis Antetokounmpo guarding Luka Doncic

As Dallas Mavericks lost to the Milwaukee Bucks, their marquee player Luka Doncic animatedly showed his dismay with Head Coach Rick Carlisle. The latter failed to capitalize on the final timeout the away side had after a critical possession play against the Bucks. That particular play happened when Porzingis missed a critical 3-point with just over 10 seconds left on the clock. 

The Mavs were trailing by 2 points at that time. Luka Doncic angrily formed a T with his hands and indicated it towards the Mavs bench. After the game Doncic suggested he has not had any conversation about that particular call with the coach. 

“There are things I could have done a lot better, and that could have changed a lot in this game,” said Porzingis, who felt that he rushed his final shot. “I want to take a lot of responsibility for this one.” 

Luka Doncic upset with Dallas Mavericks 

“It’s Coach’s decision, but if we would have made the shot, everything would be good,” said Doncic, who had 29 points, 9 rebounds and 13 assists in the loss, accounting for 61 of the Mavs’ 81 points when he was on the floor. “But I don’t know. It’s Coach’s decision to call a timeout or no, so I think it’s good.” 

Doncic said he had not discussed the situation with Carlisle yet and declined to say if he intended to have that conversation with his coach. 

“If we talk, we’re going to talk,” Doncic said. “It’s not going to be in the media. It’s between us.” 

Carlisle said he would “not get into that publicly” when asked about discussing the situation with Doncic. Carlisle did not express regret with his decision to not call a timeout on the possession, noting how difficult it is to score against the Bucks’ defense if Milwaukee has an opportunity to get set. 

“Look, we got two good shots and we preserved a timeout,” Carlisle said. “As a coach, that’s all you can hope for in that situation.” 

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