“Creating hype around myself,” 49-year-old legend reveals he’s had talks with WWE following AEW contract expiration

Matt Hardy might be the next name to jump ship back to WWE.

“Creating hype around myself,” 49-year-old legend reveals he’s had talks with WWE following AEW contract expiration

Veteran name coming back to WWE? [via- Cageside Seats]

WWE CCO Triple H doesn’t seem the best when it comes to locking down the free agents. However, The Game might’ve just gotten another chance to spruce up his track record. Recently, Matt Hardy‘s AEW contract expired. And while he’s constantly in loop with Tony Khan over a potential renewal of the same, Hardy’s held talks with WWE as well. This revelation was made by the 49-year-old himself on his podcast.


Speaking on Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, one-half of The Hardy Boyz revealed that he’s creating hype around himself. Exactly what a free agent should do, as Matt continued. He also confirmed incessant discussions with AEW in case they reach an agreement once again. Hardy said that the next couple of weeks are going to be fun.

The Sensai of Mattitude recently shared the cryptic teaser clip on his X account, which the fans believe translates to the revitalization of Uncle Howdy. Rumors have picked up since then that if Matt jumps back to WWE, he might align himself with Bo Dallas to honor the legacy of Bray Wyatt. For the unversed, both Bray and Hardy were a tag team back in 2018. They came to be known as The Deleters Of Worlds.

I am doing what I should be doing as a free agent, creating hype around myself. Yes, I have been speaking with AEW constantly. I have been speaking with WWE.
Matt Hardy on his current free agency

As of a few hours ago, TNA had run a mystery vignette of their own. A major reveal is being teased for this weekend’s Rebellion pay-per-view. There’s some hassle encompassing it, and who knows if Matt Hardy is the one behind it? If the North Carolina native doesn’t show up on Saturday, then the playing field would be reduced to a couple of landing spots.


Booker T wants to see The Hardy Boyz back in WWE

There’s a newfound hope among fans of a Hardy Boyz return to WWE in 2024. Moreover, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has also yearned to see the legendary duo back in the Stamford-based promotion.

The Hardy Boyz
The Hardy Boyz at WrestleMania 33 [via- WWE]

On his Hall of Fame podcast, the incumbent NXT Commentator said he’d love to see Matt and Jeff back in WWE. Citing the work they put in with teams like The Dudleys, Booker believes that Hardys deserve to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Even if the elder brother Matt strolls back to WWE, The Enigmatic Charisma, or simply Jeff, has some time left on his AEW contract. They may never get to work alongside in WWE again, but then comes the cliched aphorism of ‘never say never’ in pro wrestling.

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