“Ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun!” – Michael Malone called out as ‘sore loser’ by fans for snapping at reporter after Game 7 loss

The reigning champions were embarrassed at home by the Timberwolves in Game 7.

“Ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun!” – Michael Malone called out as ‘sore loser’ by fans for snapping at reporter after Game 7 loss

Michael Malone gets flamed for disrespecting reporter after the loss

The Minnesota Timberwolves ended the defending champions’ season at their home court. It was only natural for the Denver Nuggets to be upset by the defeat. However, fans were surprised by head coach Michael Malone‘s unexpected reaction after the loss. The HC disrespected a reporter during the press conference.


The Denver Nuggets started the game strong and even had a 20-point lead at a point but the Timberwolves made an unreal comeback and won the game. In the post-game interview, a reporter asked HC Michael Malone about absorbing such a loss after having a huge lead. That is when Malone snapped at the reporter.

Next question, man. The season's over. That's what's hard. F*** being up 20. The season's over. You don't understand that. The season's over. It's hard. Stupid a** questions 
Michael Malone at the post-game presser

Malone’s actions did not sit well with fans as there was nothing wrong with the reporter’s question. After the Timberwolves started going on a run, the Nuggets were unable to respond. Despite having a huge lead in the first half, the Nuggets let the Minnesota Timberwolves completely take over in the elimination game.

Hence, Malone’s reaction eruption criticism from the NBA fans. The HC’s behavior was seen as unprofessional especially considering his tenure and experience.

NBA fans trolled Mike Malone for disrespecting the reporter

While the Nuggets were winning in the first round, Malone did not hesitate to call out the Lakers. The HC was full of confidence as he predicted another sweep. Hence, it was certain that his contradictory reaction after the Game 7 would cause controversy among fans.


Fans took to social media to call Malone a ‘sore loser’ for his statement. Fans believed that the losing coach could have had a better answer without disrespecting the reporter. The netizens on X trolled the HC for his emotional response. Here’s what fans had to say.

Denver lost two back-to-back games to Minnesota in this round. After winning the championship last year, the Nuggets had to end their season in the West semifinals. The Timberwolves, however, will head to the conference to face the Dallas Mavericks.

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