“Don’t really have an issue,” Mike Perry interested in CLASH with Dillon Danis, doesn’t mind social media antics as middle ground

Mike Perry continues to explore options for his next fight and wouldn't mind fighting Dillon Danis.

“Don’t really have an issue,” Mike Perry interested in CLASH with Dillon Danis, doesn’t mind social media antics as middle ground

Mike Perry is interested in a bout against Dillon Danis (Source: IMAGO)

Mike Perry won big at BKFC KnuckleMania 4 and is still exploring options for his next fight. One name that keeps popping up is Dillon Danis. Consequently, he doesn’t mind the most outspoken Danis as a rival. Mike Perry has seen himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons with domestic violence allegations. Nevertheless, Perry doesn’t mind if Danis brings up his past in order to promote the fight.

During the buildup against Logan Paul in the Misfits Boxing crossover, Dillon Danis attacked Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, in several instances. It led to such an extreme that Agdal sued Danis on the claims of defamation. However, Perry felt Danis’ antics made the build-up more exciting. As such, ‘Platinum’ details a potential fight with the BJJ grappler.

We don’t really have an issue with each other, but I think he makes it fun when you fight him, if you fight him. If he’s going to fight me. I’ve been told by many that he may play like he will [fight me], ...Not a chance he’ll fight me in bare-knuckle...he thinks that’s not a real fight.
Mike Perry via The MMA Hour (for MMAFighting on SBN)

Mike Perry ran through former UFC title challenger Thiago Alves in the first minute of their BKFC KnuckleMania 4 headliner. With his 60-second knockout win, he bagged a whopping $600K in fight purse. Considerably the face of BKFC, the 5-0 bare-knuckle boxer is out for a new opponent.

Danis is best known as Conor McGregor’s grappling coach and for crossing over to MMA. With McGregor serving as the new part-time owner of BKFC, there are plenty of opportunities. Consequently, during Misfits Boxing: Series 10 DAZN Pay-per-view’s face-off, Perry subbed in as a backup in a staredown with Danis. However, Mike Perry doesn’t think Danis would oblige to BKFC rules.

Mike Perry talks about the string of opportunities ahead

In recent times, ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry has become the consensus face of BKFC. With dominant wins over Eddie Alvarez, Alves, and others, the “King Of Violence” is scouting his next fight. He wants to hash it out against longtime rival Darren Till. Moreover, Dillon Danis has also called him out on social media a few times. As far as the actual fight, Perry is in but needs a middle ground of rivalry to build it up with Danis.

Mike Perry weighs in on the future after BKFC “KnuckleMania” 4
Mike Perry weighs in on his future (Source: UFC FIGHT PASS (@UFCFightPass) / X/Instagram)

There were also other opportunities presented to him. It included a boxing bout against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on the undercard of the upcoming Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson event on July 20. However, he declined due to fight purse disagreements. Perry maintains a close acquaintance with The MMA Hour’s Ariel Helwani. In a recent sitdown, he touched upon what lies ahead.

We’re trying to get those things locked in and see what’s going to happen in the next month or two. It might be under my favorite rule set. It might be under someone else’s favorite rule set...[On Danis] Full disclosure, I would love to beat him in his own game. Well, not just grappling, I would prefer punches, strikes... MMA is a possibility.
Mike Perry via The MMA Hour (for MMAFighting on SBN)

After his dominant performance at BKFC KnuckleMania 4, Perry means to be open for business soon. If it happens in the BKFC, one can expect Perry to fight another big name. Moreover, Dillon Danis is also an option for Perry. Hence, the ‘King of Violence’ champion would not mind returning to MMA to fight Danis.

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