Minecraft Feather Falling Enchantment: All you need to know!

The Minecraft Feather Falling is a enchantment in Minecraft that can drastically reduce damage from falling!

Minecraft Feather Falling
Minecraft Feather Falling (image via. YouTube: Black Plasma Studios)

Minecraft Enchantments are one of the most useful things to have in the late-game of Minecraft. Here is all about the Minecraft Feather Falling enchantment and its uses in the game.

Enchantments can be applied to a variety of items, weapons and armor to make them better. This allows the item to break through its normal stats and become stronger in its uses. However, some enchantments may give special effects to the item and can be pretty fun to use in both PvE and PvP situations. The Minecraft Feather Falling enchantment is a exclusive for the boot.

Minecraft Feather Falling

Minecraft Feather Falling
Minecraft Feather Falling (image via. wallpaperflare.com)

The Feather Falling Enchantment is a special one that can give the player a great and unique boost if they fall from a high place.

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Fall damage is not a problem exclusive to only Minecraft. It is present in almost all the games and dying from it is also common. Minecraft, similarly has a fall damage when players accidentally fall from a high cliff or some deep caves. This has resulted in many deaths an players still face the problem while exploring the vast expanse of unknown in Minecraft.

However, players can combat this problem in Minecraft with the use of the Minecraft Feather Falling enchantment. Feather Falling will reduce fall damage by a ton but does not affect falling speed.

Uses for Feather Falling

YouTube: RajCraft

This is a damage reduction enchantment but is very specific to falling from heights. This will reduce fall damage by 48% at the Level IV. With the Protection enchantment as well, the damage reduction from falling can be reduced upto 80%.

It can also reduce damage from Ender Pearl teleportations.

How to get Feather Falling?

Minecraft Feather Falling
Enchanting Table (image via. minemum .com)

The Feather Falling is not a treasure enchantment and thus can be found on the Enchanting Table. Players can set up book shelves around it and try to find it and enchant using Lapis. However, its one of the rarest enchantments to get in the table and the Level IV of it has only a 2.7% chance.

Players can also find it in Chests and from trading.

However, players need to keep in mind that only the Boot armor can be enchanted with it.

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