Minecraft Hero of the Village status effect: All you need to know!

The Minecraft Hero of the Village is a status that the players can get from defeating the Raid waves and can also provide great benefits to them!

Minecraft Hero of the Village
Minecraft Hero of the Village: All you need to know! (image via. mineimatorforums.com)

Minecraft has a variety of status effects that the players can obtain and in this article we take a look at the Minecraft Hero of the Village status effect and every benefit players can get from it.

Status effects are a variety of effects that afflict players with a good or bad effect. This can differ from regeneration of health to freezing in the snow or even getting discounts from villagers. Players can get the status effects from a variety of sources in the game and can sometimes help the players immensely or provide a challenge to overcome.

Here is all about the Minecraft Hero of the Village status effect!

Minecraft Hero of the Village

Minecraft Hero of the Village
Minecraft Hero of the Village (Image via. minecraft.fandom.net)

The Minecraft Hero of the Village is a status effect that can only be obtained by the player if they have successfully defeated all the waves of the Raid.

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A Raid will occur in a village when a player with the Bad Omen Status effect, enters a Village. This will spawn a Raid which can have several waves of Pillagers, Vindicators, Witches and Ravagers. The number of waves depend upon the difficulty the player has selected. Likewise, the Hard difficulty spawns at least 7-8 waves.

When obtaining this effect a animation of a Emerald flying on the screen will play and a bar will appear on the top-right side of the screen showcasing the duration of the Achievement.


Minecraft Hero of the Village
Hero of the village (Image via. Reddit u/fire-m-s)

Players can get a variety of benefits from this advancement in villages of Minecraft. But this effect can only be used in the village that the player has protected from a raid.

Cheaper Trading

The villagers will now give massive discounts to the players who have this Hero of the Village advancement. Every trade with a villager requires players to spend items or even rare materials like Emeralds.

The discounts on the prices depend upon the level of the status effect, V being the highest players can get by normal means. At Hero of the Village V players will get a discount of 55% to 30%. This is set at Hero of the Village I for Bedrock Edition.

However, the items cannot be less than 1. Meaning, the price of a item can never hit zero.

Gifts from Villagers

Villagers will also throw gifts at the players who have the Minecraft Hero of the Village effect on them. Upon seeing the player, the villager will throw a randomised item at them. The villagers with different professions and Baby Villagers also give different items. While the Baby Villager only gives the players a token of their gratitude in the form of a Poppy flower, other villagers with professions can give a variety of useful items such as food, armor, maps, materials, arrows, tool and more.

Players can remove this effect by drinking Milk or dying once in the game.

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