Minecraft Ruined Portal: Location, loot and more!

The Minecraft Ruined Portal is a naturally generated structure that can have great loot for the players and also serves as a rare discovery!

Minecraft Ruined Portal
Minecraft Ruined Portal: All you need to know! (image via. pintrest.com stiffany07)

Minecraft Nether update was the biggest one before the Caves and Cliffs update hit the servers and it added many new things. Here we take a look at the Minecraft Ruined Portal and all their features.

The Nether Realm of Minecraft is one of the 3 dimensions that the players can visit and explore in the game. It is aptly called the hell of Minecraft due to its red theme, monsters and oceans of lava comprising the dimension. Some naturally generated structure are found both in Nether and Overworld, and one of the main ones are the Ruined Portals.

Here is all that is to be known about the Minecraft Ruined Portal.

Minecraft Ruined Portal

Minecraft Ruined Portal
Minecraft Ruined Portal (Image via. Sportskeeda)

This is a naturally generated structure that spawns in both the Overworld and in Nether realms. These are randomly generated and may contain some good loot if the players are lucky.

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Ruined Portals are generated at random naturally when the world is created. They are a rare spawn and can spawn in every biome of the Overworld and the Nether dimension. They can even spawn underground or underwater.

Minecraft Ruined Portals are marked by the Netherack blocks that surround the portal and create a red area around them. A pool of lava may also be present on the bottom. There is also a rare chance for a giant ruined portal to spawn.

Some of the blocks of the portal vary according to the biome they spawn in.


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The portal itself is comprised of Obsidian and Crying Obsidian. To make the portals working again, players need to remove any crying obsidian in the frame.

The frames of the portal are broken upon spawn and are surrounded by netherack and lava. Overworld ruined portals are surrounded by stone structures while the Nether variant has blackstone structures surrounding it.

Each Ruined portal is spawned with a Chest beside it, which can contain many golden and obsidian loot.


Minecraft Ruined Portal
Loot in Ruined Portal (image via. Sportskeeda)

The Loot from Minecraft Ruined Portal chests can be very good and some of the better ones are:

  • Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Golden Horse Armor
  • Golden Carrot
  • Glistering Melon Slice
  • Enchanted Golden Armor (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots)
  • Enchanted Golden Weapons and Tools

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