Chris Russo slams MLB for streaming Mets’ Max Scherzer’s debut on Apple TV+

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo has an on-point rant that here as a lot of people are going to be upset by this deal.

Chris Russo
Chris Russo

The New York Mets fans have every right to be mad at the deal between Major League Baseball (MLB)and Apple TV for the coverage of Friday Night Baseball doubleheaders. This resulted in a massive outrage on social media as the former WFAN host Chris Russo aka “Mad Dog” also released an epic rant regarding the same. 

Notably, the deal between the two giants after the hearing on Tuesday means that the star pitcher Max Scherzer’s regular-season debut with the New York Mets will air on Apple TV+. And if everything goes as per the plan, the three-time Cy Young Award winner who signed a record-setting, three-year, $130 million contract, will be on the line-up for the Mets on Friday’s game against the Washington Nationals.

“That’s baseball fooling around…That’s dangerous”

Apple might partner with MLB to live stream matches
Apple partners with MLB to live stream matches

Russo was surely furious at the new deal and went off on Tuesday’s episode of Mad Dog Unleashed. The 62-year-old even brought the late Larry King into the heated argument:

“I guarantee you right now, if you put on local radio station WFAN, and you’re those Mets fans, that’s their whole show. They’re not talking today about North Carolina-Duke. Their whole show today is listening to the angry old man call up the radio station, get off my lawn, all ticked off that he can’t see Scherzer’s first start because God help him, he doesn’t know how to figure out Apple TV. And he’s isn’t the only one. Or he might not have Apple TV. He’s not the only one. That’s baseball fooling around. And I’ll tell you, that’s dangerous. That’s dangerous.

“We’re going to work our rear ends off to find football games on Thursday night. We’re going to work hard for those games. We’ll find them. It’s NFL football. We bet them. Plus the local game in your market’s going to be on over-the-air channels anyway. But the Mets game isn’t on an over-the-air channel. It’s on Apple.”

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