Jeff Passan shares concerning update on MLB lockout

The MLB Players Association and league owners continue to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement ahead of the February 28 deadline.

Jeff Passan
Jeff Passan

If Major League Baseball (MLB) is going to play a full-fledged 162-game season, the lockout will have to come to an end by the end of this month (February 28). At least that’s what an official spokesperson suggested to the reporters this week.

“Oh, yeah. I love baseball,” Richie Nestro, 75, a retired Yonkers firefighter who winters down here while still owning a home in Westchester, had said on Wednesday. “I’ve been a Yankees fan since [Mickey] Mantle, but it was easier back then because you only had 16 teams.”

“I was a union rep for the fire department,” he added, “so I’m pro-union.

“Not confident right now” – Jeff Passan

American baseball columnist with ESPN, Jeff Passan on Thursday appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show” to discuss the MLB lockout. However, he’s unfortunately not confident that a deal will get done over the next few days (96 hours).

“I’m not confident right now,” Passan said. “They have a lot of work to do over the next 96 hours or so if they want to get a deal done. That doesn’t mean a deal can’t get done, but someone has to make a big move. I just don’t know which side is going to do it at this point.”

MLB’s scheduled date for the Opening Day is March 31 (Thursday). This is why a deal must get done very soon as the players need at least a month to ramp up their physical activity on the diamond.

However, it doesn’t sound like the lockout will end anytime soon. Meanwhile, Passan reckons there’s legit animosity between the league and the MLB Players Association.

He added: “As someone who wants to see baseball games I wish there was someone who could bridge the sides. I just don’t know who it is because they are so angry at each other.”

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