MLBPA launches $1 million fund to assist seasonal workers affected by MLB lockout

The fund will be administered by Major League Baseball Players Association and the AFL-CIO and distributed to stadium workers.

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The Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) announced on Friday that it will launch a $1 million fund for workers impacted by the ongoing MLB lockout and the cancellation of regular-season games. The MLBPA and the AFL-CIO will jointly administer the funds to provide aid and assistance to “stadium workers and others who face financial hardship through no fault of their own due to the MLB franchise owners’ lockout.

“There are a lot of people who make our game great,” MLBPA executive board leaders Andrew Miller and Max Scherzer said in a joint statement. “Many aren’t seen or heard, but they are vital to the entertainment experience of our games. Unfortunately, they will also be among those affected by the owner-imposed lockout and the cancellation of games. Through this fund, we want to let them know that they have our support.”

“This fund is intended to support workers who are most affected by the MLB-impost lockout but whose livelihoods have been disregarded by the owners in their effort to pressure Players into accepting an unfair deal,” said MLBPA executive director Tony Clark in his statement.

MLB cancels 2022 opening day after sides fail to end lockout – Rob Manfred

Rob Manfred
Rob Manfred

Earlier, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred had announced that the 2022 season will not start on time. As a result, he scrapped the March 31 openers on Tuesday, cutting each club’s schedule from 162 games to likely 156 at most and as many as 91 games were erased. 

This undesirable situation arose with the owners and players being unable to agree on a contract to replace the collective bargaining agreement that expired on December 1 last year. 

“I’m really disappointed,” Manfred said after the player’s union rejected the owners’ most recent offer Tuesday. “This is a first-time situation. Since we’ve gone to interleague play, we’ve never [cancelled] games.”

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