“It’s not all business”: Aaron Judge constructs mind-blowing win on eve of Arbitration hearing

Aaron Judge proves in a NO BRAINER for the management to themselves offer him $21 million.

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees have a hearing Friday to determine the three-time All-Star’s salary for the 2022 season. There has been no sign of progress in talks yet. The Yankees submitted $17 Million as the salary he deserves and Aaron Judge put forth a stand for $21 Million. After Thursday night’s win, fans feel the Yankee office would be wise not to upset Judge during his arbitration.

Aaron Judge, the 6-foot-7 steady gladiator lined a game-winning single on the eve of his arbitration showdown, capping a four-run ninth inning. The Bronx stadium was loud enough for the entire city of New York to hear that their superstar is indeed worth $21 Million.

The game also saw Aaron Hicks tying three-run homer off closer Ryan Presley in the New York Yankees’ 7-6 victory over the Houston Astros. It was the 21st comeback victory and the ninth walk-off win of the season for the Yankees. Their current record in the League is 52-18, the best in the Leagues, they also won their 15th consecutive game at home.

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Aaron Judge shows the Yankee management that he is worth the asking $21 Million

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge was questioned over the arbitration to which he said, “It’s all business. For me, it’s plain and simple: I love this team, I love this organization and everything, but this is a business side of it that I don’t like at times.”

The 30-year-old superstar will have to sit back and wait even after carrying the Yankees this season, he said, “There’s a sign on the way out to the dugout that says, ‘Do Your Job’, that’s what I tried to do in that situation.” When questioned after the game against the Houston Astros.

By the rules of arbitration, Aaron Judge would either be paid $17 Million or $21 Million, nothing in between can be accepted. Twitter is loaded with tweets about Aaron Judge and his arbitration after he bagged a home win for the Yankees. Judge was also asked before the game, he smiled and said only, “We’ll talk after.”

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“We always hope the best for our guys in arbitration and stuff like that,” Aaron Hicks said. “We want him here as a Yankee.”

Jeff Passan (an American baseball columnist with ESPN) tweeted, “On the night before Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees are scheduled to face off in an arbitration case and argue over whether he’s worth $21M or $17M, he delivers a walk-off single in a rousing comeback against Houston. (He’s worth a lot more than both numbers, by the way.)”

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