“Learn from my Stupidities” Alex Rodriguez was grief stricken in the wake of Fernando Tatis Jr.’s PED suspension

Despite never failing a drug test, Alex Rodriguez missed the entire 2014 after he admitted to using PEDs when he played for the Rangers.

Alex Rodriguez and Fernando Tatis Jr.
Alex Rodriguez and Fernando Tatis Jr.
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Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to the suspensions laid down by Major League Baseball, but according to him his mistakes should have taught the latter MLB players to not get onto the particular road which takes you to PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs). Fernando Tatis Jr. is suspended by the Major League Baseball for 80 games last week after testing positive for Clostebol.

Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 162 in 2014 after admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs during his tenure with the Texas Rangers, for which he received plenty of hatred. Rodriguez received just 34.3 percent of the vote in his first year on the Hall of Fame ballot, well short of the 75 percent needed for inclusion.

“I wasn’t angry. I was heartbroken because to make a mistake at 22 or 23 years old that’s going to affect you for maybe 60 years,” Alex Rodriguez told Michael Kay during their ESPN broadcast of Sunday’s Yankees-Red Sox game. “I made that mistake. I was more in my late 30s, and it was out of desperation to get back on the field and play.”

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Alex Rodriguez shares many of him regrets on Sunday’s KayRod Cast on ESPN2

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez

“If someone plays 25 years or 23 years or 20 years, and you make that mistake — it doesn’t matter who it is — the judgment is different. But look, we know that. I knew that and I made the mistake anyways,” Alex Rodriguez told Michael Kay during the broadcast. “I was hoping that a lot of these young kids learned from my debacle and my mistakes.”

“There’s probably no Hall of Fame,” Alex Rodriguez shared his thoughts on Tatis Jr. “I’m not going to go to the Hall of Fame probably because of my own mistake. And that’s heartbreaking for me. It’s heartbreaking to explain that to my daughters. But that’s on me.”

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Alex Rodriguez went on to share how he regretted losing Derek Jeter as a close friend, “One of my biggest regrets, a lot of it is because of my craziness, all the mistakes I have done on and off the field.”

“My regret is that I wish we (Jeter and him) were as close as we were when we were teenagers when were in Seattle when we played and I guess 2009 will still be the highlight.”

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