Former Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez once played baseball with popular actress Kim Kardashian and her famous family

Alex Rodriguez once met Kim Kardashian and her family and played baseball with them while teaching them the tactics of sport, showcasing his coaching skills.

Former Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez once played baseball with popular actress Kim Kardashian and her famous family

Alex Rodriguez and the Kardashians (Pic Credit: US Weekly)

The career of Alex Rodriguez has seen it all. He has gone from one of the top rookies to one of the greatest players to swing a baseball bat. Despite his retirement from the sport in 2016, he has continued to be in the spotlight. In this time span he has taken on several roles apart outside of baseball but one role that he took in the sport is a memorable one.

The former New York Yankees superstar once took on the role of coach and played baseball with renowned actress Kim Kardashian and her family. This came at a time when Rodriguez also known as A-Rod was in a relationship with icon Jennifer Lopez.


The love story of Rodriguez and Lopez had been one of the biggest talking points in the Hollywood industry. The couple would had quickly risen in the ranks and soon become a true power couple. With J-Lo being friends with Kim Kardashian, A-Rod got the chance to play and coach baseball with her and the Kardashian family.

In this meeting of celebrities for a baseball game, Kim along with her sister Khloe and mother Kris Jenner met with A-Rod. The trio wore suited-up black, purple, and white uniforms for his game. Khloe though would not take part in the game as she was eight months pregnant. The family and A-Rod would then go on to have a blast that day.

Alex Rodriguez’s memorable day as a baseball coach

A pretty common feature in the sporting realm is of former players becoming coaches and managers. Baseball has also seen a fair share of players becoming coaches and guiding others to success. Whether that will be the case with Alex Rodriguez remains to be seen, he though sure can pull it off.


Taking part in a fun activity with his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez’ close friend Kim Kardashian, A-Rod had a memorable day at the field. He was seen helping the family get their swing while sharing several snapshots on his social media.

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez (Pic Credit: Imago)

The team dubbed the “Calabasas Peaches,” the family was spotted taking to the field after learning the tricks from A-Rod. The former baseball star would later upload several pictures on his Instagram stories. One story featured a photo of him along with Kris Jenner. In the caption he wrote, “The Calabasas Peaches can hit! #runforyourlife“.

Obviously, when it comes to hitting the baseball, there are very few who can say they are better at that than A-Rod. In this career, the former MLB star hit 696 home runs with over 3,000 hits. However, his usage of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) has left a black mark on his career.


He is now once again nominated for the 2024 Baseball Hall of Fame. Whether he will be forgiven by his peers and get the necessary 75 percent of the vote to reach Cooperstown remains to be seen.

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