“Trip of a lifetime”: Alex Rodriguez gladly rollicking with beloved Kathryne Padgett in Ibiza

Alex Rodriguez and Kathryne Padgett were spotted leaving the Ibiza nightclub.

Alex Rodriguez and Kathryne Padgett
Alex Rodriguez and Kathryne Padgett

The on-tour Alex Rodriguez and Kathryne Padgett certainly make one feel that the company of Kathryne makes ‘A-Rod’ a.k.a. Alex Rodriguez feels like a youngster, say a 25-year-old. From nightclubs in Capri, Italy to the yacht ride in the waters of Italy and now to a nightclub in Ibiza, Spain. The couple was recently seen exiting a nightclub in the aurora of the morning in Ibiza, Spain on Tuesday.

46-year-old Alex Rodriguez and 25-year-old Kathryne Padgett were seen and photographed leaving ‘The Lío’, a cabaret restaurant and nightclub, cheek by jowl, looking rather exhausted as they withdrew from the happy hunting ground.

The former New York Yankee was dressed to a perfect vacation look in a white button-up shirt tucked into coordinating white pants. Meanwhile, Padgett showed off her robust and toned figure in a tight green midi dress that showed off her toned shoulders.

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Alex Rodriguez and Kathryne Padgett enjoying their summer vacation in Europe

Alex Rodriguez and Kathryne Padgett
Alex Rodriguez and Kathryne Padgett

In the past few weeks, Alex Rodriguez has been seen in various summer outfits, casually touring plenty of destinations in Europe. Kathryne Padgett posted pictures and was seen soaking up the sun aboard a yacht in Europe during her trip. She recently recapped her European getaway with Alex Rodriguez in an Instagram video.

But things seem to be getting serious for the pair, more and more after the social media of Kathryne Padgett shows so much of them. The couple who has been linked since January when they were seen cosying up to each other at a Green Bay Packers playoff game at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin. They are also seen coming together to various NBA games.

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Rodriguez was previously engaged to Jennifer Lopez, with the pair calling it quits in March 2021. She got re-engaged with former fiancé Ben Affleck this past April. We hope this time it hits off for A-Rod, the couple seems to be delighted in each other’s company.

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