“Wanted to watch me hit”: Amir Azul Santiago’s wish becoming reality as Fernando Tatis Jr. appreciates his gameplay

Amir Azul Santiago is on his way, So remember his name.

Amir Azul Santiago
Amir Azul Santiago

Fernando Tatis Jr. believes that a Ten-year-old boy Amir Azul Santiago is a better player than him when he was 10-years-old. Says the youngster takes around 100 swings with a baseball bat every day. He competes with kids who are two-three years older than him as the boys his age envy his excellent gameplay.

Amir Azul Santiago lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Although the star kid plays in the mound to home plate distance which is 60 feet and six inches and the distance between the bases is 90 feet, he still holds a strong swing.

Fernando Tatis Jr. trusts his commitment to the boy and says he is a child prodigy in a country that produces some of the best baseball players on the planet. He is believed to have an arm which can pitch way stronger than the kids playing in the little league.

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Amir Azul Santiago’s day is made as he is appreciated by his star Fernando Tatis Jr.

Fernando Tatis Jr.
Fernando Tatis Jr.

“He said Fernando Tatis Jr. wanted to watch me hit,” Amir said through an interpreter from his home in the Dominican Republic. “He saw some video of me and wanted to see me hit in person.”

Tatis was filled with glee when he saw this youngster swing his bat. He told Amir, who wears his hair in the same style as Tatis and plays the same position as his role model, that Amir Azul Santiago is more advanced at 10 years old than Tatis himself was at that age. And Tatis could definitely relate as he grew up being the son of an 11-year MLB veteran, Fernando Sr.

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Amir Azul Santiago even got heads up from one of the premier young superstars in baseball. “He told me to come inside with my hands and then get more extension,” Amir added, “He told me that my hair looked very cool, and that we look alike,”

Tatis Jr’s glamour drew Amir to becoming a Tatis superfan because was the 23-year-old’s style of play, combining incredible power with jaw-dropping agility on defence. “Once I got in the cage, I got loose,” Amir Azul Santiago said. “It’s something I do every day.”

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