MLB star Cody Bellinger and stunning SI swimsuit model Chase Carter seal their love with grandiose engagement event in Chicago

Cody Bellinger surprises his model girlfriend with a dazzling ring. Bellinger and Chase Carter has been in a relationship for a long time, finally the two stars got engaged.

MLB star Cody Bellinger and stunning SI swimsuit model Chase Carter seal their love with grandiose engagement event in Chicago

Cody Bellinger and Chase Carter ( Image via Instagram )

Cody Bellinger, a vital member of the Chicago Cubs, just proposed to Chase Carter, the attractive Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, who has been his longtime girlfriend. The worlds of sports and entertainment have been electrified by the news of their engagement.


Bellinger and Carter, the power couple, have been together for a long time. They are also parents to a beautiful daughter and are enjoying parenthood to the fullest. Congratulatory messages flooded social media as they announced their engagement.

The romance between Cody Bellinger and Chase Carter has been simmering for a while. They just took the next step in their relationship by exchanging engagement rings. Their relationship has grown into something very amazing.

Carter personally caught the beautiful moment, and she immediately informed her innumerable Instagram fans of the happy news. She revealed a collection of breathtaking images there, presenting her gorgeous new ring against the renowned cityscape of Chicago.


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Cody Bellinger’s monumental proposal to Chase Carter

Cody Bellinger and Chase Carter
Cody Bellinger and Chase Carter ( Image via New York Post )

Everyone was in awe of the ring’s magnificence, which was a monument to Bellinger’s devotion to and affection for his beloved Chase. Cody Bellinger, a baseball player renowned for his extraordinary abilities, has partnered with someone who shares his drive for success.

Chase Carter, a native of the Bahamas, started her modeling career at an early age and pursued her goals tenaciously. In 2018, she attained her goal of being included in the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, demonstrating how her diligence and hard work had paid off. Carter has established herself as a famous presence in the modeling business, winning over admirers all over the globe with her innate elegance and stunning beauty.

The couple’s journey as parents has already started as they begin this new chapter in their life. Recently, Cody Bellinger and Chase Carter welcomed their gorgeous baby, Caiden, who further strengthened their relationship and brought them great pleasure.


Their love and devotion to their expanding family are a reflection of their strong bond and shared desire to create a bright future. Cody Bellinger and Chase Carter are brilliant examples of a power couple in a world where love and celebrity often overlap.

By merging their separate accomplishments, they have formed a union that is characterized by love, support, and limitless potential. Their engagement, which symbolizes the depth of their love and their dedication to one another, is a significant turning point in their relationship.

One thing is certain: Cody Bellinger and Chase Carter’s love story is just starting, and their future together is going to be as remarkable as their trip so far. Fans are impatiently awaiting the wedding bells.

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