WATCH: “Please get up,” David Ortiz and Derek Jeter’s wife Hannah drop HILARIOUS comment on HOFer’s rollicking cartwheel effort

Derek Jeter’s wife Hannah and MLB great David Ortiz hilariously comment as HOFer tries performing cartwheels on his lawn.

WATCH: “Please get up,” David Ortiz and Derek Jeter’s wife Hannah drop HILARIOUS comment on HOFer’s rollicking cartwheel effort

Derek Jeter trying cartwheel [Image Credit: X]

One of the best things Derek Jeter did in his life was to choose career in baseball rather than go for gymnastics. ‘The Captain’ himself provided the reason on his latest Instagram post as the HOFer was seen rollicking cartwheel effort on his lawn. The video was recorded by his wife Hannah Davis who very much enjoyed his attempts at the move.


The MLB great couldn’t make his foot leave the ground as he failed three times while doing cartwheels. Fans were amused when the video hit the social media platforms, but they were not the only ones. GOAT Michael Phelps and MLB great David Ortiz commented on his video.

Phelps was rather shocked to see Jeter fail hilariously despite three attempts, as he noted “😳😳😳”. Ortiz on the other hand questioned, “What are you doing? 😂”. Hannah was heard laughing in the background as she kept recording her husband’s attempts. 

No, stop it! You’re embarrassing yourself, please get up. Let’s go,” Hannah said. However, she could not extinguish Jeter’s determination as the HOFer challenged fans and everyone to try, 

Don’t judge. Let’s see you try and do a cartwheel!
Derek Jeter on Instagram.

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis’ love story timeline

Since the age of 20, Derek Jeter has spent much of his life with the New York Yankees, since their contract in 1995. The beloved baseball legend bid goodbye to the field in 2014, after two decades of playing with the team. Following his retirement, he thanked Hannah Davis for being his greatest supporter during his baseball journey.

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis [Image Credit: Imago]
Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis [Image Credit: Imago]

The duo met in 2012 through a friend, shortly after the MLB great broke up his relationship with his then-girlfriend Minka Kelly after 4 years. The duo started dating shortly afterward and got engaged in 2015. They walked down the aisle the following year on July 9 and have since welcomed four children.

They have three daughters, and one son namely – Bella Raine Jeter (6 years), Story Grey Jeter (5 years), River Rose Jeter (2 years), and Kaius Green Jeter born on May 5, 2023. The couple keeps updating their social media profiles to let their fans know about their small personal life celebrations.

They’ve often been seen together on vacations, or in events, sometimes even with their children on their toes. In a blog post for The Player’s Tribune, Hannah revealed that she didn’t know Jeter was a shortstop and not a pitcher.

I didn’t need much more to go on than this: I had met the nicest guy and I wanted to get to know him on my own terms. Not Google’s.
Hannah Davis as per The Tribune.

She said “We met at the right time” and she was happy that both of them did not have any strained relationship as “Derek’s life and mine were aligned.” The duo is well-loved by the fans, even after Jeter now working off-field, and in business ventures. Fans are happy to know and share moments with their favorite ‘The Captain’ even now.

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