WATCH: David Ortiz HILARIOUSLY mocks Derek Jeter for historic 2004 ALCS collapse against Red Sox

David Ortiz hilariously trolled Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez while reminding them of the 2004 ALCS when discussing about the Astros-Rangers matchup.

WATCH: David Ortiz HILARIOUSLY mocks Derek Jeter for historic 2004 ALCS collapse against Red Sox

David Ortiz (L) and Derek Jete (R) [Pic Credit: X]

The LCS (League Championship Series) has been well and truly underway in the MLB postseason. The ALCS has seen the Texas Rangers dominate their state rivals, the Houston Astros. They now have a 2-0 lead in the series. While discussing this after the game, former Red Sox star David Ortiz hilariously trolled his Fox Sports expert colleague Derek Jeter.


With the Astros 2-0 down, no team has ever come back to win the LCS after losing the first two games. As this point flared up during the discussion, Jeter would claim that the Astros are still not out. He would recall that they were once 3-0 up and lost the series, to which Ortiz cheekily replied “You did?”

Look, just because they’re down two games, it’s not over. We lost a series being up 3-0. I don’t want to bring it up, but we lost a series being up three,” Jeter said. Ortiz, would once again bring up his joking side and reply to it “You did?”. This was followed by laughter from the panelists as Jeter tried to bring the conversation back on track.

This move was in direct reference to the Red Sox’ iconic comeback against the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS. Ortiz also known as “Big Papi” would play a key part in that while hitting two walk-off hits in back-to-back games. They are still the only side to overturn a 3-0 deficit to win a best-of-seven series in MLB, contributing to one of the greatest moments in postseason history.


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David Ortiz’s heroics stunned the New York Yankees in 2004

The rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox is considered one of the greatest in MLB history. The two sides have locked horns on multiple occasions while bringing up the excitement level every time. However, one of the most memorable of them was in the 2004 American League Championship, where the Red Sox scripted the greatest comeback in MLB history.

Having lost the third game 19-8, the Yankees seemed to be on track for another trip to the World Series. Game 4 though saw David Ortiz come up clutch and etch his name in Red Sox’s folklore forever.

David Ortiz
David Ortiz against the Yankees (Pic Credit: SI)

His twelfth-inning two-run walk-off home run saw the Red Sox win Game 4 by a score of 6-4. He would come up clutch in Game 5 as well as he hit a huge shot over the Green Monster to level the game at 4-4 in the eight. He would later hit another walk-off winner as his single helped the host take Game 5.


The team was energized once again and they poured everything they had. Two more wins on the bounce saw them win the series 4-3 and complete the comeback. The Red Sox eventually went on to win the World Series 4-0, thus putting an end to the alleged “Curse of the Bambino”.

Ortiz went 12-for-31 with three home runs and 11 crucial RBIs in this ALCS series. He was later named the ALCS MVP. This remains one of the biggest moments in his Hall of Fame career. Perhaps the Astros can take some notes from this and try to mount a comeback.

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