“He remains to be one trusted advisor”: Derek Jeter comes out to up-hold Freddie Freeman’s free agent

Derek Jeter backs Freddie Freeman’s former agent Casey Close amid the drama.

Derek Jeter on Freddie Freeman
Derek Jeter on Freddie Freeman

Casey Close has been under immense scrutiny ever since he decided to hamper the legacy of Freddie Freeman. However, with shots being fired from both parties, it seems like the Captain, Derek Jeter, is safely seated in the corner of his close and ‘trusted’ friend, Close.

Derek Jeter’s latest comments on Thursday came after a series of messy events which came out publicly. After Freddie Freeman fired his agent, after his emotional return to Atlanta, Jeter has evidently stood in the corner of Casey Close. To those who are not aware Freeman signed a $162 million deal with the Dodgers in March, where Close was the lead negotiator.

“I have known Casey since I was 18,” Derek Jeter began on Twitter. “Over the last 30 years, we have had our share of differences of opinion, but to this day, he remains a trusted advisor and friend. He is a man who values morals, integrity and above all else honesty and transparency.”

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After Derek Jeter’s comment, What’s next is Freddie Freeman and Casey Close’s controversy?

Derek Jeter on Freddie Freeman
Derek Jeter on Freddie Freeman

“Last weekend in Atlanta was a very emotional time for me and my family,” Freeman said Tuesday in a statement as quoted by NY Post. “I am working through some issues with my longtime agents at Excel. My representation remains a fluid situation and I will update if needed.”

After Derek Jeter and several comments from the MLB star, there seemed to be no response from Close. But when Fox Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb tweeted his heart out as to why Freeman possibly could have fired his former negotiator, that seems to be the exact point when the latter decided to break his silence.

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Apart from that, there seems to be new revelation made on the same story every other day. On one hand, where MLB fans knew Freeman had only got one formal offer from the Braves at the trade deadline, the star ultimately landed with the Dodgers after the Braves traded for Athletics first baseman Matt Olson, who signed with Atlanta Braves on an 8-year, $168 million extensions. All eyes now, will surely be on whether or not will we witness Freeman and Close finally having a 1-on-1 interaction in the coming days?

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