“Fu**ing C**t!” ESPN reporter caught swearing in front of Aaron Judge and child fans during an interview with the Yankees slugger

Marly Rivera of ESPN was caught on camera for using offensive words towards Ivon Gaete while she tried to get ahead to interview Aaron Judge.

“Fu**ing C**t!” ESPN reporter caught swearing in front of Aaron Judge and child fans during an interview with the Yankees slugger

[Marly Rivera. Pic Credit: People]

The job of reporting is a daunting task. One has to be aware 24/7 about its surroundings, note down any developments, and talk with a person if needed to name a few. The most important aspect of the job of reporting is to keep one’s personal feelings and indifferences aside. ESPN’s Marly Rivera forgot this when she was at the Yankee stadium to have a chat with Aaron Judge.


The renowned national baseball reporter seemingly lost her cool when a fellow female journalist, Ivon Gaete got ahead of her in speaking to the New York Yankees captain. This took place just before the Yankees were getting ready to face off against the Los Angeles Angels.

The reporter claimed that she already had an agreement to speak with Judge beforehand. She got visibly upset after Gaete refused to allow her to get ahead. During this argument, Rivera was caught on camera using foul language toward her. She called Gaete a “fu**ing c**t,” without realizing that she was being recorded. The video has been circling all over social media.

Rivera soon tried to apologize for her behavior but Gaete refused her apology. “I fully accept responsibility for what I said, which I should not have,” she said after being questioned about the incident.


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Marly Rivera fired from ESPN after video of her using foul language goes viral

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Marly Rivera (Image via ESPN)

Trying to get ahead of your competitor is not a villainous thing. The methods one uses to get ahead is what get the most attention. Unfortunately for Marly Rivera, her usage of foul language towards Ivon Gaete cost her big time. As per reports, she has been fired by ESPN over this unpleasant incident.

She no longer works here,” ESPN said in their statement in their response to this matter. The company they hired in 2011 is said to have removed her details from the staff section of their website. She has since then deleted her Twitter account.

Gaete is a freelance journalist married to John Blundell, Vice-President of communications of MLB. Meanwhile Rivera has been covering baseball as a professional writer and on-air reporter for more than 13 years. This altercation with Gaete and her firing has left the world of journalism stunned. It will be interesting to see what’s next in store for her.


The highly anticipated series between the Angels and Yankees saw the New York-based team take two out of the three games. One highlight of the series was when Aaron Judge robbed his MVP rival Shohei Ohtani a home run.

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