“I gave it back to Aaron”- True baseball fan returns Aaron Judge’s 60th home run ball

The New York Yankees are currently 90-58 after Tuesday's victory against the Pirates

Mike Kessler and friends with Aaron Judge
Mike Kessler and friends with Aaron Judge
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With Aaron Judge’s 60th home run, Tuesday night went on to become a historic night for MLB fans. Aaron is just two home run away from breaking Roger Maris’ record of 61 homeruns in a single season. With such hype surrounding Aaron’s homers, keeping his 60th home run baseball would be a dream to any fan.

But on Tuesday night the unexpected happened, a true fan of the game returned Aaron’s 60th home run baseball, knowing the sentimental value it would have for him. 20 year old Mike Kessler did not hesitate at all while throwing the ball back knowing the economic value it possessed. “I gave it back to Aaron,” Kessler said.

Though the boys kind act didn’t go unnoticed. After the match Aaron Judge decided to give the young fan and his friends a signed baseball each, a signed baseball bat to Mike Kessler, a group photo with Kessler’s friends and a solo photo with Mike Kessler. Mike Kessler just stole our hearts and earned our respect.

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MLB fans reacts to Aaron Judge’s second double

Aaron Judge scores 60th home run
Aaron Judge scores 60th home run

Aaron Judge now carries the weight of expectation of millions of MLB fans on his shoulders. Being just two homers short of Roger Maris’ AL record, everyone’s eyes are on Judge, with the bar set really high. Though the reaction to Aaron’s second double which just about crossed the yard, was not as expected by Aaron Judge.

“I think the second double, I didn’t know if it was a foul (or not), I didn’t hear any cheering, I didn’t know what was going on,” said Aaron. “Fans packed it out to see us win a ballgame and see some homers. I’ve gotta cut out this double stuff, I guess,” Judge added.

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