“What a memory to have”: 6-year-old Houston Astros fan Oliver literally steals a base from the diamond

A six-year-old boy got to live out a baseball dream, but it didn’t go as expected.

Houston Astros Fan
Houston Astros Fan

On Tuesday night at Minute Maid Park, in Houston Astros’ stadium, a kid named ‘Oliver’ was asked to play a mid-inning game in which he had to start somewhere in the foul line territory and run down to the right-field line to steal a base.

These mid-inning games are considered to be one of the eccentricities of going to a baseball game. ‘Stealing a base’ is said to be a classic in these mid-inning games. Sprinting to pick up a dummy base and bring it back in a certain amount of time to win a prize.

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Houston Astros’ Minute Maid Park witnesses a cute fan moment while a 6-year-old plays mid-inning game

Houston Astros Fan
Houston Astros Fan

The 6-year-old fan, Oliver, ran to the second base instead of running down to the right field, he picked up the actual diamond’s second base which attracted the Houston Astros’ infield pairing of Jose Altuve and Mauricio Dubon.

The two Major League stars played along with the kid and showed Oliver that even they were not strong enough to pick that base bag either. After their endearing efforts to light up the base, Jose Altuve (Venezuelan professional baseball second baseman for the Houston Astros) eventually pointed Oliver towards the dummy base that was near the warning track in right field.

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After successfully picking up the correct base and crossing the finish line manned by two members of the Shooting Stars, Oliver exchanged high-fives with fans who were cheering him on in the right-field seats.

In the final precious moment, Oliver, who saw the Houston Astros roll to an 8-2 win over the New York Mets was delightfully accepting high-fives from Houston Astros fans while walking toward centre field while holding the other base until the stadium workers pointed him back toward the exit.

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