“Their drama might never end”: Javier Baez and Amir Garrett perverse with their beef

The Amir Garrett and Javier Baez drama might never have an end date.

Javier Baez and Amir Garrett
Javier Baez and Amir Garrett

Javier Baez of the Detroit Tigers and Amir Garrett of the Kansas City Royals are probably stuck in a loop of their beef which started off when they both were in two different franchises. Baez and Garrett used to be in Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds respectively.

Both Baez and Garrett were seen indulging in verbal battles in 2018 and 2021, their dispute has indeed a long history in the National League. This time around, Garret did not even face Baez on the mound but still, they both somehow managed to wallow in their words and gestures.

Amir Garrett only struck out Riley Greene at the end of the sixth inning, for the innings came to an end after that, in all excitement he celebrated a bit exuberantly for the occasion and jawed toward Baez, he was only waiting on the deck. Javier Baez was in his shortstop position in the next half-innings when Garret couldn’t help himself from trading insults his way.

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Javier Baez and Amir Garrett in a quarrel ONCE AGAIN!!

Javier Baez and Amir Garrett
Javier Baez and Amir Garrett

Following the game, Baez spoke to reporters, “He can do whatever he wants,” Baez said. “I got nothing. It’s part of his game and he knows my game.”

Detroit Tigers manager A.J. Hinch also had a few words to say after the dispute arose, “A uniform change didn’t do a lot for that competition between the two of them, I had a pretty good seat. I was right next to Javy when all that started (in the sixth inning). They’re both very competitive dudes and they both have not forgotten their past.”

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Unfortunately, Amir Garrett was replaced in the next half-inning, he could never actually face Baez. If the move was tactical or because of the beef, is something we do not know. After the incident, It looks like they won’t get a chance to face each other again even on Sunday.

Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals meet again for a four-game series beginning July 11 in Kansas City, so plenty of opportunities remain.

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