“They are the best. Period”: Jessica Mendoza disclosing the ‘best team’ in Major League Baseball

Jessica Mendoza made history as the first woman to serve as a national World Series game analyst on any platform.

Jessica Mendoza
Jessica Mendoza

Jessica Mendoza, the MLB ESPN Analyst was recently a part of an online interview, she had her mind set on the teams that might make a mark on the 2022 World Series. July is just around the corner and with that, we are getting close to the halfway point of the league. Several teams are making a push to win a world championship.

As of right now, which team do you think has the best chance to win the World Series? Jessica Mendoza said on Popculture.com that the New York Yankees have the best chance to win it all. But she also has her eye on the Boston Red Sox.

“Yankees are the best team in baseball, period,” Mendoza exclusively told PopCulture. “I know the Mets have been amazing too, but the Yankees have just been unbelievable. I almost think, ‘What about a team like the Red Sox?’

The New York Yankees are way ahead of Boston Red Sox in the American League West division, a swooping 12 victories away, but the Boston Red Sox as Jessica Mendoza says would make it to the playoffs if it started today since they lead the AL Wild Card standings.

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Jessica Mendoza expresses her fondness for the ‘best team’ in MLB

Jessica Mendoza
Jessica Mendoza

Jessica Mendoza continued talking about the Boston Red Sox mentioning that the teams like them have to try to make it to the playoffs, after that they can upset any team, she said, “Everyone’s kind of counted them out. They’ve really struggled. They had their losing streak. Everyone’s like, ‘Man, they’re awful.’ Especially Boston fans. But here they’re going now. They’re starting to get rolling.”

“It’s really just you get in October, clean slate,” Jessica Mendoza gave an explanation. “Doesn’t matter what you did before that. Just get into October, and that’s what the Braves did last year. Just give them a chance, get them in there and see what they can do with it. To answer your question, if it’s today, yeah. Yankees and Mets are your World Series two teams if you’re looking at the two best. But I want to almost be sneaky and [say] a team like the Red Sox. If they can get in, look out.”

She is also a TV analyst for the Los Angeles Dodgers, along with her profession as an analyst on ESPN. The Los Angeles Dodgers won the 2020 World Series, but Jessica Mendoza thinks that the team has one big issue to be rectified if they want to win their second title in 3 years.

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“Pitching. Struggle bus right now,” Mendoza said. “Walker Buehler just went on the IL six to eight weeks and I’m a little worried it could be longer. When you hear forearm strain, you start to [say], ‘Oh no, not Tommy John,’ which his is coming back that it’s not that, but you just never know. He’s already had Tommy John surgery actually coming out of Vanderbilt. But Clayton Kershaw just came off the IL and is now back. Gave up a few runs in his last start. And then, we all know Trevor Bower and the fact that he will not be returning, most likely, with the Dodgers. The amount of money they spent on him to be a starting pitcher.”

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