“Broken into pieces”: Kevin Gausman unveils the padding of his cleats proved to be ankle-saving

Blue Jays' Kevin Gausman May Miss Thursday's Start vs. the Mariners.

Kevin Gausman
Kevin Gausman's cheats turn out to be his ankle-saver

Toronto Blue Jays fans had to hold their breath as Kevin Gausman was viciously smacked by a line drive off the bat by Wander Franco. As soon as the contact took place, the former went down on the floor, holding his leg whilst screaming in pain.

What’s even worse? Gausman had to be eventually removed from the action-packed game due to a right knee contusion. With the Toronto Blue Jays trying to catch the New York Yankees, this will surely be a huge blow as they were hoping to fire with all guns blazing.

The team and its management feared that Kevin Gausman would be missing out for weeks but fortunately for the Jays the X-Raya came out negative. Moreover, the team’s morale improved when Gausman stood up on his own feet and limped off the field.

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Kevin Gausman insinuated that he is blessed to be standing altogether after the blow

Kevin Gausman
Kevin Gausman

Shi Davidi, a Sportsnet baseball columnist, tweeted, “Kevin Gausman says padding on his high-top cleats probably kept his ankle from being broken “into pieces” Saturday. Tomorrow is his side day and he’s trying to balance a desire to pitch with being smart about the remaining season. Next start slated for Thursday.”

Kevin Gausman is scheduled to start again on Thursday, June 7. Manager Charlie Montoyo said, “If he’s not 100 per cent he’s not going to pitch,” Meanwhile Gausman has been having an all-star calibre season so far, with a 2.86 ERA and 100 strikeouts in his first 16 starts.

On the day of the injury, Montoya expressed his concerns regarding Kevin Gausman’s pitching, He said, “That’s baseball, we’re playing good ball and suddenly one of your best pitchers goes down. OK, then we have to go over our needs, a second game today, one more tomorrow, and no days off coming up. Good thing Lawrence gave us those good innings, then Max Castillo, with 40-something pitches, got us the last four outs today.”

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Arash Madani went and saw Gausman following his injury and later tweeted, “Gausman told us he can’t push off the foot yet. His between-start throw/bullpen day is tomorrow. Will know much more then. The point Gausman made was, that he wants to pitch but doesn’t want to make things worse or over-compensate and affect his pitching elsewhere.”

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