WATCH – Kyle Farmer undergoes oral surgery following scary hit by Lucas Giolito, MLB Twitter reacts

Kyle Farmer underwent oral surgery after being stuck by a 92 mph fastball by Lucas Giolito.

WATCH – Kyle Farmer undergoes oral surgery following scary hit by Lucas Giolito, MLB Twitter reacts

Kyle Farmer after being hit [Pic Credit: Star Tribune]

On Wednesday, during the game between White Sox and Minnesota Twins, an unfortunate accident took place on the field. White Sox starter Lucas Giolito hit Twins’ Kyle Farmer with a 92mph fastball in the face.


The incident occurred at the end of the fourth inning with the game still scoreless. According to Twins manager Roca Baldelli, Farmer will need to go through four teeth realignment and a major laceration around his jaw.

At first, the injury revealed no fracture but later medical attention pointed out otherwise. The player underwent oral surgery to suture lacerations on his lower lip. After being hit by an accidental ball, Farmer lay on the ground with his head down, as the Twins ran forward to treat him.

If there is one thing that every sportsperson hates is being injured during a game. Unfortunately, injuries are a part of the game and life and can occur at any given time. An injury at the early stages of a season could be very frustrating and could take a deep hit when it comes to a player’s morale.


As soon as the pitch hit Farmer, Giolito raised his hands in concern and rushed over. According to reports the hit was unintended. Moments later medics rushed towards Farmer and handed him a towel to cover his face for the bleeding. The home fans gave him loud applause as he walked out to the dugout.

After the game, Giolito told the media that he felt absolutely bad about the incident. It’s something very obvious to feel bad about and he hopes he never hits someone again like that. After four seasons with the Cincinnati Reds, Farmer moved to the Twins this year. In 11 games, he is hitting .226 with a home run, a double, and 5 RBIs.

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Fans concerned as Kyle Farmer undergoes surgery following scary hit by Lucas Giolito

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[Kyle Farmer representing the Twins. Pic Credit: Fox News]

It’s no surprise that ever since the MLB introduced the new pitch clock rule there have been some changes. The batting average has improved and the game time has been decreased by 30 minutes. However, some fans have now questioned whether the new pitch clock is responsible for this injury.


Following this scary moment, the Twins were able to regain their composure and went on to beat their AL Central rivals 3-1. With this win, they swept their opponents in the three-game series. They will now take on the New York Yankees who come into the series by defeating another AL Central team, the Cleveland Guardians. The Twins are now leading the AL Central standings with 1.5 games with 8-4 record.

Meanwhile, it looks like it’s just not the players who are getting adjusted to the new pitch clock rule. With the game time being decreased, teams have started extending the sale of beverages and alcohol.

Before this rule, most ballparks stopped serving alcohol to customers after the seventh inning to avoid over-serving. Since the game time has decreased, teams have now started serving alcohol till the eighth inning. The D-Backs, Rangers, Twins, and Brewers have all started this experiment. It is to be seen whether other teams will join this experiment.

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