“Absolutely jacked”: Ex-baseball star Kyle Farnsworth transforms body like a Spartan

Kyle Farnsworth turns into a competitive bodybuilder, and shares he is preparing for the Southern USA national qualifier.

Kyle Farnsworth
Kyle Farnsworth

Most Major League Baseball fans did not hear of Kyle Farnsworth, the 46-year-old ex-baseball star, since he finished up his major league baseball career in 2014. He is barely recognizable after a crazy bodybuilding transformation.

Kyle Farnsworth once pitched around 160 km/h in the Major League but now he looks nothing like he used to, he posted a picture in which he informed us he’s about to enter his first body-building competition. After retirement, Kyle Farnsworth has kept a low profile, but we feel that is the major reason for being such a surprise.

A rare gym photo showing him looking like a Spartan on social media. He entered the Major League in 1999, said to be like a skinny frame and nerdy glasses. After a 19-year career with nine different teams, Farnsworth hung up his cleats, with more than $40 million in earnings.

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Kyle Farnsworth looks absolutely mighty muscled after retirement

Kyle Farnsworth
Kyle Farnsworth

Kyle Farnsworth was always an intimidating presence. Standing 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds and armed with a high-90s fastball, the reliever was always willing to throw down with any opponent over any slight.

He finished his career with a 1.93m, 104kg frame, nothing like that anymore. “Very rare gym bathroom selfie,” he wrote on Twitter. “Four days out to my first body building competition. Classic Physique. These past few days have been fun with no carbs.”

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He’s like a 1980s action figure come to life. And those legs, do those fit into jeans or does Kyle Farnsworth just wander around wearing what the Spartans used to wear all the time?

Kyle Farnsworth quit the MLB when he was dumped to the minor leagues before resuming his career in Mexico in 2015. He also stunned the fans in the United States when he popped up playing semi-professional American football in Florida with the Orlando Phantoms.

Unfortunately for anyone hoping for a big-league comeback, that’s probably not happening. After Farnsworth hurt his shoulder on the gridiron, he’s only throwing 87-88 mph now. He tweeted back the reply to one of his fans who asked if he could join the Cubs as a pitcher.

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