Madison LeCroy claims Alex Rodriguez wanted her as his ‘side chick’ despite being engaged to Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez has once again found himself in the middle of love drama as TV Actor Madison LeCroy has taken a dig at him.

Madison LeCroy claims Alex Rodriguez wanted her as his ‘side chick’ despite being engaged to Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez (left) and Madison LeCroy (right) (Pic Credit: Sporting News/Bravo TV)

The name of Alex Rodriguez keeps popping up on the internet. The former MLB great has become an internet sensation for his various on and off-field reasons. The 47-year-old, larger-than-life star finds himself under the spotlight again as Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy shared further information about their messages in 2021.

Making an appearance at the “Pillows and Beers” podcast, LeCroy revealed what happened in messages between the duo. At first, she thought she was getting scammed by someone as A-Rod was engaged to Jennifer Lopez at that time. She claimed that A-Rod was the one who started texting her first and asked her about the status of local gyms in her area. This was when the lockdown period was in full swing.


This recent revelation by LeCroy has raised further questions regarding the loyalty of A-Rod. His relationships with various models and actors are no secret. LeCroy further alleged that the baseball star wanted her to be his “side-chick” while he continued to date J-Lo. The actor informed that she made it clear to A-Rod, that she will not be fulfilling his wish.

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Alex Rodriguez reported to fire back at claims made by Madison LeCroy

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. (Pic Credit: The Economic Times)

Ever since his divorce from Cynthia Scurtis, A-Rod has struggled in his personal love life. He has since then gone on to date various celebrities but has failed to settle down with any of them. He and J-Lo even announced their engagement but later called it off. Could the reason for it be related to A-Rod’s involvement with Madison LeCroy?


As per reports from Entertainment Tonight, A-Rod is getting ready to answer back and respond to the claims made by the TV Star. “Her 15 minutes of fame are up, and she is trying to get a 16th minute. Please stop wasting everyone’s time with the false narratives,” the outlet claimed in one of their posts.

It is likely that A-Rod will try anything to clear this name from this accusations. Was A-Rod cheating on J-Lo? Only time will tell who is speaking the truth but one thing is certain, this drama is not going to slow down any time soon. As of writing, A-Rod is currently dating fitness teacher Jaclyn Corderio. Fans would be hoping the couple can settle down soon and bring an end to all this drama.

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