“Tantrum like no other” – Mark Minicozzi throws 10 bats in strike zone during epic Atlantic League showdown

We can’t be too sure, but it looks like Mark Minicozzi is upset about something.

Mark Minicozzi
Mark Minicozzi

Mark Minicozzi, the manager of Wild Health Genomes has fetched all the limelight after his epic tantrum rant on Friday in the Atlantic League. For those who are not aware of the league, it’s an independent league consisting of former MLB stars or players who are wanting to make another ring into the greatest stage of them all.

Just like Aaron Boone got ejected after an epic rant with the umpire, it seems like Genomes’ Mark Minicozzi is not far away. Moreover, his actions were ever more evident as he decided to throw the majority of the bats from the dugout, right into the strike zone. For a team which calls Lexington as their home, a couple of nights ago, they lost a game against the Charleston Dirty Birds and clearly, manager Minicozzi was not letting go of the matter that easily.

What’s even more interesting? Mark Minicozzi not only threw a bunch of bats onto the strike zone but even went on to wink at someone while making his way off the field. Even followed it up with a smirk.

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Mark Minicozzi loses his cool on Friday during Genomes vs Dirty Birds

Mark Minicozzi
Mark Minicozzi

Apart from Mark Minicozzi’s antics on Friday, Wild Health Genomes has been a lot of buzz in the baseball world ever since they went on to acquire Khris Davis, who was MLB’s leading hum run scorer in the 2018 season with a tally of 48. Not only that but known as one of the most resilient Atlantic League teams also went on to sign former big-league reliever Gabriel Moya.

Interestingly Davis has been off the MLB charts since his epic 2018 season. Furthermore, in 42 contests, he batted .206/.272/.363 (76 OPS+) with three home runs across 114 plate appearances. These spoken-off efforts marked Khris’ third consecutive underwhelming season, a stretch that saw him post an 81 OPS+ and homer just 28 times in 205 games. Resulting in him being sent down to the league, only to get back to his best before making a return against the world’s best.

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Lastly, Wild Health Genomes have employed a number of former big-league players in their inaugural season, including Chris Shaw, Jimmy Paredes, and Felix Pie, perhaps Khris Davis is surely going to add his name to that epic list.

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