“Deserves place in Hall of Fame”: Mets star Max Scherzer delivers generous $7,000 gesture for Minor League teammates

Max Scherzer is a class act, a truly class act.

Max Scherzer
Max Scherzer

New York Mets star Max Scherzer has spent quite some time, working his way in a rehab assignment with the Birmingham Rumble Ponies. To those who are not aware, it is a double A-Team and as the 37-year-old draws closer to a major league call-up, he decided to put forward his best gesture for his minor league teammates.

Having led Birmingham to pay the victory line against the resilient Hartford Yard Goats, Max Scherzer decided to fetch the headlines with his heartwarming gesture towards his teammates. Following the MOM performance, the 37-year-old shelled out for a post-game feast.

However, this wasn’t a usual major leaguer star-taking his minors out-sort of an occasion as Scherzer decided to take this gesture above and beyond. “They’re eating well tonight,” Scherzer said to the media after his start as quoted by ClutchPoints.

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Max Scherzer takes out minor teammates on a feast

Max Scherzer
Max Scherzer

To be precise Max Scherzer bought a lot of food including bone-in ribeye, filet mignon, and salmon amongst other lavish cuisines and dishes. As per certain reports, the cost of this highly emphatic meal cost the future Hall of Famer more than $7,000. Fans would be aware that previously Max Scherzer went out to buy AirPods for all of his Rumbke Ponies’ teammates following his first rehab start. So this only goes on to show what a big heart this 37-year-old Mets star has.

“He bought everyone AirPods,” a source around the team told Dox Sports. “We walk in and there’s a club he just handing out AirPods saying they are from Max.”

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“I already had some nice wireless headphones,” one lucky Birmingham recipient said. “But my dad was using these old wireless headphones. So I gave that to him.”

Hopefully, the Ponies’ teammates will be hoping for Max to come down for more rehab assignments so that they keep getting luxurious treatment one way or the other. But jokes apart, the Mets star is currently in the first year of his three-year contract, worth. $130 Million signed with the New York franchise in this very offseason.

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