“My world fell apart” – MLB pitcher Zach Davies ghosted his wife for a year with an “affair”

The wife of the American baseballer Zach Davies reveals to the public how her husband estranged her by suddenly blocking her for an entire year.

Zach Davies
Zach Davies

The estranged wife of Zach Davies gave details on the truth behind the apparent dissolution of their marriage in an Instagram post alleging that the Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitcher hasn’t contacted her for over a year. Megan claimed that Zach ended their long 10 years of relationship by “blocked (ing) my (her) number” and cutting off all communications with her while accusing Zach of having been involved in an extramarital affair. 

Megan used the Instagram account to unleash all her frustration and disappointment on her former spouse stating that his behaviour at the end of their relationship was what hurt her the more. She stated, ‘world completely fall apart.” According to Megan, their relationship came to an end when Zach sent her a message one morning at 6 am, while she was at home in Arizona and he was out of state. 

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“Cut off all communications” – Megan unleashes her disappointment over their happening divorce

Zach Davies and Megan
Zach Davies and Megan

Megan claims that Zach Davies cut off all communications with her and further blocked her number leaving her with no option to connect with him even as she filed for divorce while forcing her to learn about his alleged affair “through word of mouth”. She begins her Instagram story with, “In 2021 my world as I knew it completely fell apart”.

“My husband cut off all communication from me while I was back home in Arizona and he was in another state. He sent a text message at 6 am in the morning and then blocked me.”

She further charged Zach for being unfaithful and even for making her file for divorce without even getting to speak with him for over a year, as stated on brobible.com,  “file for divorce without even having a single conversation with the person [she] built a life with”. “Zach took the easy way out, where he doesn’t have to be held accountable for his actions. He has the luxury of pretending our life never existed. He has chosen to say silent. He has chosen to not give me a single ounce of closure. I, on the other hand, had to live through the immense pain and hurt he caused. I couldn’t hide from it unlike him. I had to live through the reality of it all.”

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She continued her speech on how she was “ashamed to tell [her] story” for some time, Megan revealed Monday she was signing her divorce papers as she moves on to her next chapter by “claiming [her] power back.” Even though Zach and Megan often celebrated special days on social media posts, where Zach never backed down from showing his appreciation toward her, things turned out quite sour.

She steadily went on stating, “Today I’m signing my divorce papers from someone who hasn’t spoken a word to me to this day. It feels surreal but I know his road will catch up to him eventually. As for me, I know I will be okay. More than okay because of the mountain I had to climb to get me where I am now. For the longest time, I was ashamed. Ashamed to tell my story, embarrassed of my marriage ending, and humiliated by the way he chose to go about all of this but I’m finding that there is so much power in telling your truth. So today I am claiming my power back from someone who never deserved it in the first place”.

Meanwhile, Zach Davies has yet to comment or appear in any of the social media posts. As of his affair, no name for the supposed ‘women’ has been exposed till now. The 29-year-old pitcher has not posted anything since 2020 when he was a part of the San Diego Padres. Megan’s post calls for comment. The US Sun also contacted Zach’s agent for any updates on this matter but no movement from their side is yet noticed.

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