“He was chilling up”: Nathanial Lowe dings one; Cameraman’s son showcases a marvellous snag

A perfect moment to be remembered by a lot of Major League fans, the extra-special moment captured.

Nathanial Lowe's hit makes a father proud
Nathanial Lowe's hit makes a father proud

A Cameraman’s son caught a steamer from the first baseman for the Texas Rangers Nathanial Lowe as he dinged a 435-foot home run against the New York Mets. The ball was probably going to land in the second deck at Citi Field on Friday but the camera’s captured a young boy taking one hell of a catch.

It was a complete family involvement when Nathanial Lowe hit his 11th homer. The drive was caught by 12-year-old Kellen DeSantis of Long Beach, New York, a son of Apple TV cameraman Keith DeSantis, his father the elder DeSantis captured a closeup and the subsequent replay. What a moment, isn’t it?

The catch indeed contained incredible serendipity as both the father and son were present from a far away distance, in a single moment of the game. Major League truly brings in the warmth a viewer needs in some or the other way.

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Reactions to Nathanial Lowe’s HR and Cameraman and his son’s moment in MLB

Cameraman and his son
Cameraman and his son

The cameraman was seen applauding and cheering, he even blew a lovely kiss towards his son as he caught a blow by Nathanial Lowe. The father might see his son with the ball on national television, but what do you think? Will he ask for the ball from his son? A dinger from the bat of Nathanial Lowe.

Colour analyst Hannah Keyser jokingly surmised: “That’s what you’ve got to do if you’re an adult; you’ve got to have your son catch the ball so he can share it with you later.” Well, of course, the plan was made in heaven as such coincidences are not seen very often.

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Colour analyst Chris Young also noticed just how easily the boy caught the ball, which came off the bat at 111.1 mph. “He seemed like he’s made plenty of catches like that,” Young said. “He was chilling up there like, ‘I got it.’”

This moment will be truly a moment to remember for the cameraman and his son and yes, they do have a video closely recorded to prove the event. “GET LOWE GET LOWE GET LOWE” is what the crowd wanted, but they got a perfectly cute moment to look out for right after the homer.

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