“All rise! Here comes the Judge!” New York Yankees broadcasters deliver extraordinary narration for Aaron Judge’s historic 60th HR

Aaron Judge to go for his 61th HR try against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

New York Yankees
New York Yankees
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The New York Yankees Broadcasters John Sterling and Michael Kay manifested words to be heard for years, their commentary for Aaron Judge’s 60th home run for the 2022 season was indeed mind-blowing. Fans sitting at home, enjoying their star slugger’s achievement got goosebumps just hearing what Sterling and Kay had to say.

WFAN’s John Sterling changed his schedule on purpose as he knew nothing might be bigger than Aaron Judge chasing the HR record. Aaron Judge was quiet after his 60th as his joyful outburst was silent until Giancarlo Stanton hit his walk-off victory grand slam.

“There it goes! Deep left, it is high, it is far, it is gone!” said New York Yankees broadcaster John Sterling, “He’s tied the Babe! It’s a Judgian blast. His 60th home run of the year. Wow! All rise! Here comes the Judge!”

“Drilled deep to left field, there it goes, number 60,” added New York Yankees’ other broadcaster Michael Kay. “Slide over, Babe. You’ve got some company. Aaron James Judge has tied George Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth with 60 home runs.”

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New York Yankees- Aaron Judge’s 60th HR ball made the fans fight like a cry of hounds

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

The ball demolished by Aaron Judge for his 60th homerun of the 2022 season created a ruckus between the fans in the stand, a 20-year-old City College of New York student Mike Kessler, who plays for the school’s baseball team, finally got the ball.

“It bounced off someone’s hand. I reached and grabbed it and just bear-hugged it,” New York Yankees fan Kessler told The Post. “I just smothered it. It got off to the side. It was a mad pile.”

“Judge means so much to the organization, especially this year,” added Kessler, The New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge gave him an autographed baseball, a bat, and an opportunity to take photos with himself. “He’s just unbelievable. Just the way he is, he deserved to have the ball back. I have no second thoughts.”

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