“Worth every minute” – Nolan Gorman records his first career MLB at-bat against the Pittsburgh Pirates

St.Louis Cardinals' top prospect Nolan Gorman was overcome with emotions after his first recorded MLB hit.

Nolan Gorman
Nolan Gorman

St.Louis Cardinals’ top prospect and second baseman Nolan Gorman had a memorable match on Friday night in Pittsburgh after he had his first-ever MLB at-bat. The Cardinal’s slugger had been lingering for quite a while waiting for his turn on stage and finally, Gorman got the call to the game after hitting 15 home runs in 34 games at the beginning of the season with Triple-A Memphis this year.

Gorman was called to stand right in the lineup for his first game at second base while batting sixth and wearing jersey number 16. The team announced that they were calling their 2nd overall prospect to take the fields after the Cardinals’ loss to the New York Mets on May 19th. Finally, Gorman got to make his MLB debut against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Friday, May 20. He hit a single to right-field on an 86.8 mph, thrown by Zach Thompson for his first MLB debut hit.

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Nolan Gorman’s MLB debut

Nolan Gorman
Nolan Gorman

Nolan Gorman sure got the tension off his shoulder with his first hit-off right away. He singled out on a 1-2 pitch in the second inning right through the shifted Pittsburgh defence. As noted on mlb.com, this pitch set off Gorman’s MLB stage to drill the fourth pitch he saw as a big leaguer 106.8 miles/hour into right field. Gorman noted, “That was fun”. “I didn’t feel much of it [on the hit]. It was awesome, getting to first base and getting the ball thrown in. I’ve seen a lot of those happen over the years of playing pro ball and seeing lots of debuts. Seeing that happen for me was super cool.”

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Later on reporter, Brooke Fletcher interviewed Gorman’s family when his mom noted, “I’m not an emotional person and … wow”. His grandfather Tom said, “I’ve been locked in for 19 years watching my grandson play baseball. It’s just been a dream. And it came true”. His family was present at the PNC Park in Pittsburgh to watch his debut and they were overcome with emotions just as Gorman felt when he touched the ball with his bat.

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