“That the World Series where I didn’t think about the Outcome”: Paul O’Neill takes a trip down the memory lane to the 2001 World Series

The Rich Eisen show was a fun trip down the memory lane for Paul O'Neill, who talked about the 2001 World Series.

Paul O'Neill
Paul O'Neill

The recent episode of the Rich Eisen show covered a fun trip down the memory lane with baseball player Paul O’Neill. O’Neill is an American former baseball right fielder who played 17 seasons in Major League Baseball for the Cincinnati Reds and New York Yankees.

Eisen started off with theGame 3 of the 2001 World Series, the aftermath of 9/11. “The president had thrown out the first pitch and George Bush was there too. There were helicopters and sniper rifles everywhere. How was it like playing in the game?” asked Eisen to O’Neill.

“That’s the one world series where I don’t think about the outcome. I just think about the 3 games and what was happening in the world. As a player you think ‘what does baseball really mean to someone who’s just lost a loved one?'” said O’Neill, reminiscing about the series back then.

Paul O’Neill reminisces on the 2001 World Series on the Rich Eisen Show

Paul O'Neill
Paul O’Neill

Paul O’Neill however, said that it brought a low of joy to people who went through a traumatic event. The excitement and the way the games ended was truly a historic moment for O’Neill. “I remember running sprints before the game, and I just stopped and watched President Bush throw a strike. We were just so relieved once he was off the field, because it was like we don’t know what was happening in the world now.”

He said that those nights were very strange. He compared those nights to the recent pandemic that happened, and said that sports goes through so much. Yet he said that the those days are the ones that he will remember in New York for the rest of his life with the Yankees.

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