Watch: San Diego Padres fan bellyaching another man in a wild brawl, beef flares up between 4 at Petco Park

Brawl Breaks Out at San Diego Padres Game, Padres Fan Kicks Man Down Row of Stairs.

San Diego Padres
San Diego Padres
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San Diego Padres were facing the San Fransisco Giants at Petco Park on Monday when there was a fight breaking away in the right field stands. Padres suffered a 1-0 loss to the Giants but a video obtained by TMZ Sports made the highlights as one man in a Padres jersey attempted to kick another man down the stairs.

Fans were in disarray as they saw a San Diego Padres fan kick another man attempting to make him fall off the stairs. Fortunately, for the man on the receiving end of the kick held Mr. Padre and saved himself from what could have been a nasty unstable fall.

“Security handled and two subjects were ejected. We were not made aware of fight until it was concluded,” a spokesperson for the San Diego Police Department told TMZ Sports.

That was when two other men jumped into the melee and began throwing punches before security rushed in to break things up.

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Juan Soto’s 1st HR and Machado’s walk-off took San Diego Padres towards victory in the second game

San Diego Padres
San Diego Padres

“Once we get going, and we get hot, it’s going to be a scary lineup,” Manny Machado said. “A scary team.” This is the confidence with which San Diego Padres played in their second game of the series. “There’s only one way to start a winning streak,” Juan Soto said. “That’s winning the first one. It was really important for the team to get the energy back.”

The San Diego Padres are unbelievably happy with this victory as they feel Juan Soto has started settling down after his first HR hit. Manny Machado continued explaining when Soto returned to the dugout, he says he was fired up.

“He started screaming at the dugout, like, ‘Let’s go, we got this,’ — just trying to motivate the guys,” Machado added. “He set that tone from the get-go. I’m going to be excited to see what he brings down the road,”

Machado said. “Especially being a champion — that’s what we needed here, overall. I could feed off of that. I could learn off of that. I’ve been to a World Series. But he won it. It’s a little different. Just feeding off of that is going to be huge. I think he’s going to bring the best out of everyone in this clubhouse.”

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