“Wanted to get control” – Skip Johnson gets brutally honest on controversial call against Oklahoma in College World Series

Fans believe that the loss was a result of poor decision-making by Skip Johnson.

Skip Johnson
Skip Johnson
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Skip Johnson was the most recent personnel to state his true feelings on the controversial call made during Sunday’s College World Series matchup between Oklahoma and Ole Miss. To bring everyone on the same page, in a particular play on first base, the Sooners were called for interference, the result of which a run was taken off the board.

For those who missed the action, this waved-off run ensured that the game was just a difference of one run. Although Oklahoma ended up losing, they witness Ole Miss triumph in their first national championship. When Head Coach, Skip Johnson enquired about the same, he suggested that human errors would always be a part of a sport like baseball. Acknowledging that the controversial call was made against his own team, Johnson admitted that human decisions play a huge role in building the excitement of the game.

Yeah, I mean, running the runners’ lane, that’s maybe what the call was, and they had to go back to the other bases because it kills it right there,” Skip Johnson said. “I think the biggest thing that I want to explain to that deal is the umpires are going to, if we take out the human element of the umpires, this game is not ever going to be any good. If we continue to do those things and put a computer or whatever they want to do, it’s going to continue to be good.”

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Skip Johnson, Oklahoma loses against Ole Miss on Sunday

Skip Johnson
Skip Johnson

Skip Johnson emphasized how human errors can decide crucial moments in games, but those are just a part of the sport. More importantly, everyone needs to live with the consequences of it.

“The rule says that you have to do it within 30 seconds and not be able to look at the video board. That’s what the rule says. Maybe there are some discrepancies in it. But that’s what I also love about the game the human element. I have tons of respect for the umpires, going back to the regional tournament, never understood why they couldn’t be out there with the National Anthem when everybody else is because it’s very important to our country. I explained that to them, too.”

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Oklahoma and Skip Johnson will not entirely be disheartened by the loss of the College World Series. Given that they were not expected to make such a strong run in the postseason, the resilient team went on to beat both Texas A&M and Notre Dame.

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