“Should’ve never left”: Twitterati reacts to Freddie Freeman’s agonizing return to Braves’ home ground

MLB fans exploded with tweets of twitter when their star Freddie Freeman couldn’t hold back his tears at two different opportunities on the same day.

Freddie Freeman
Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman was heartbroken after he experienced an overwhelming return to the Truist Stadium, his former franchise’s home stadium. The Atlanta Braves fans were overjoyed to see their former star receive his 2021 World Series Championship Ring and couldn’t stop chanting “Freddie. Freddie.” for the entire ceremony.

Freeman had countless memories with the Atlanta Braves over a 12-season long career with them. 1,565 games. 1,704 hits. 271 home runs. 5 All-Star appearances. 3 Silver Sluggers. 1 Hank Aaron Award. 1 MVP. 1 World Series title. This is a portfolio to have to be proved as a legend for the franchise.

Freddie was the victim of the Atlanta Braves’ offseason decision, to trade in a younger, cheaper option at his position, Oakland Athletics’ first baseman Matt Olson. Freddie Freeman made his major league debut in 2010.

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Freddie Freeman honoured at Braves’ home ground with his Championship Ring

Freddie Freeman
Freddie Freeman

The Major League Baseball fans exploded with tweets on Twitter when their star Freddie Freeman couldn’t hold back his tears at two different opportunities on the same day. Once when he was asked for a pregame press conference and once when he received an honour in front of the entire crowd present at the Truist Stadium, Atlanta.

“I don’t even know if I can get through this,” Freeman said. “I don’t know — all the emotions — it’s hard to put into words. I’m just happy to be back. This organization, the people, the media people who have covered my family with grace and love over the last 12 years. It’s hard...”

“I’ve always told you guys how much I love the Braves and this city. I thought I loved this city and organization a lot, but — you can tell how much I really do love this organization and this city. I don’t even know how I’m gonna get through this weekend to be honest.”

Braves fans stood and cheered, some chanting “Freddie! Freddie!” Freeman answered by removing his cap and raising both arms to the fans. Freeman hugged Braves’ Manager Brian Snitker twice, grinned and gave the ring a kiss.

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