“Stick to MMA bud”- Twitter reacts to Jake Paul’s poignant swing at Marlins batting practice

“Stick to MMA bud”- Twitter reacts to Jake Paul’s poignant swing at Marlins batting practice

Logan Paul's attempt to hit the ball during Marlins practise

Jake Paul might be able to punch, but it looks like his baseball swings need some improvement. The first pitch was thrown by Paul, a former YouTuber turned boxer who recently founded a new betting company, during the Miami Marlins game against the San Diego Padres on Tuesday.

Paul took a few swings in the batting cage during warm-ups simply for fun before his big moment. After all, why not enjoy baseball to the fullest while you can if you’re going to throw out the first pitch? Unfortunately for Paul, his performance in the batting cage was, at best, pitifully poor.

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Jake Paul’s swing brought harsh condemnation from baseball fans

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

I’m not sure how much better I’d do in this situation given that hitting a baseball is one of the sports skills that is scientifically shown to be the toughest. Paul is a sportsman with a big ego, therefore it hurts to see him fail to even touch the ball once with the bat. Paul and his awful swing were mercilessly satirized by MLB fans, as was to be expected.

Paul requested one final pitch in an attempt to hit, but after taking yet another swing and missing, he once more failed. Paul claimed the clip was manipulated in a Twitter video after the pitches surfaced on social media and people mocked his skill: “Alright so the video of me missing all of the swings is edited guys, I hit a home run but the cameras weren’t rolling for that.” “I hit it a couple of times, I’m better than that, what do you mean?”

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