WATCH: “Get the f**k out of here” Washington Nationals’ usher attacked, fan imbued for assault, receives 5-year ban from Nationals’ Park

Christopher Sullivan is arrested for assault and received a ban from the Nationals Park for 5 years

Fan attacks Washington Nationals' usher
Fan attacks Washington Nationals' usher

Washington seen some real beef on Tuesday. Arguments, fistfights and brawls have become very common in all kinds of sports, due to which the security in stadiums have been levelled up. But what happened on Tuesday in the game between the Washington Nationals and the Atlanta Braves was not at all acceptable.

Supposedly a man was told by a Washington Nationals‘ usher to leave the section of the Nationals’ park in which he was in because he didn’t have an appropriate ticket for that section. When he refused to listen, the usher had to make his move forcefully as a result of which, he raised his hands on the usher.

Though as per the man he was looking for his friend, who had tickets for the respective section and would have left the section effortlessly when the usher confronted him without causing any nuisance. But the usher got physical with him, due to which he decided to answer back with a fist.

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Firefighter arrested for assault in Washington Nationals’ Park

Fan attacks Washington Nationals' usher
Fan attacks Washington Nationals’ usher

The man was later identified as 54-years-old Christopher Sullivan who is a firefighter of the Charles Town, West Virginia fire department. As per the DC Fire and EMS, Christopher Sullivan was placed on administrative leave due to “a separate personnel matter”. The repercussion of the even was faced by Sullivan as he is arrested for assault and got banned from the Nationals Park for 5 years.

“The actions witnessed in the video are absolutely unacceptable. Our department was notified on September 27, 2022, that an employee of our agency had been arrested and charged with simple assault by Metropolitan Police.”

Prior to this incident, the individual was on administrative leave with pay, pending the outcome of an internal personnel process,” the DC Fire and EMS said in a statement. “He will remain on leave as our internal investigation into this matter continues.”

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