The NON-FICTITIOUS reason behind Michael Jordan’s brief but promising BASEBALL stint

On October 6, 1993, Jordan announced his retirement, saying that he lost his desire to play basketball.

Michael Jordan playing baseball
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is perhaps considered to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time. So, when the GOAT announced his retirement, rumours about why he chose to retire began swirling around- especially with regards to a gambling addiction. When the 6 time NBA Champ announced his retirement suddenly, it also took the world by storm.

Later however, he did reveal that he retired due to his father’s murder. However, retirement was not the only thing that was prompted by his father’s passing away. The incident also led Jordan to play baseball and have a career in MLB. The last conversation that Michael Jordan had with his father was about leaving basketball and going to play baseball.

With motivation in his mind, Jordan took the leap of faith. It was James Jordan’s dream to see his son become a baseball player, and it did come true. Jordan contacted the Chicago Bulls and Jerry Reinsdorf, who told him that baseball would not be an easy sport.

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Michael Jordan’s motivational talk with his father saw him take up baseball

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Jordan went on to play outfield for the minor league Birmingham Barons- an affiliate of the Chicago White Sox– for a year, before returning to basketball for a couple of years. His brother was also a part of the stint, with both of them confident that they would play in Major League Baseball.

He has made it very exciting tonight. With the Barons leading 5-1, Jordan steps in for the fourth time … two of his three at-bats were near homers … he skied deep to left center when he hit the ball to the wall in the fourth, and then in the sixth, Jordan pulled the ball a little bit more and missed by 2 feet”

“Fly ball deep to left again, Ratliff going back, back to the warning track, looking up … IT IS GON-ZO JORDAN! He’s done it!” Unforgettable commentary was made when Jordan played for the Barons.

Jordan eventually ended up returning to basketball in 1995, after the fear that he might become a replacement player. Yet, he continued his baseball legacy into basketball, by wearing his No. 45 Jersey.

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