“Best moment of our life”: William and Willson Contreras embrace a heart-warming hug

Is it another battle of two supremely talented brothers? Various sports have seen two brothers share such beautiful moments, time it is the Contreras brothers.

Willson Contreras and William Contreras
Willson Contreras and William Contreras

On Saturday afternoon, the Contreras brothers, Willson Contreras and William Contreras came face to face after writing their own personal paths, fabricating an emotional moment and day for the Contreras family. When Willson Contreras first began hounding his big-league dreams, his little brother was still home in Venezuela. By the time William Contreras’ own baseball journey began with the Atlanta Braves, his older brother was rising to stardom with the Chicago Cubs.

Although the brothers have played together a great deal as kids, Saturday afternoon was different. Atlanta Braves won the game 6-3 but it was the first time when the Contreras brothers were a part of the opposing teams on the Major League stage.

Willson Contreras showed up to last year’s World Series wearing a Contreras Braves jersey to see his brother through, but they had not played on the same diamond since Little League.

“It was the best moment of our life,” Willson Contreras said. “Including my family, my mom and dad. Everything that we went through to get here, now we get to enjoy it together.”

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Willson Contreras and William Contreras share a wholesome moment

Willson Contreras and William Contreras
Willson Contreras and William Contreras

As Willson walked to the plate in the first inning, their parents, Olga Contreras and William Contreras, were among the family watching from the Wrigley Field, stands, Willson embraced his brother, the starting catcher for the Braves. The brothers had to face plenty of sacrifices and risks to make the said moment possible.

“You’re happy when people you love to do well,” Cubs manager David Ross said. “But at the end of the day, I know Willson wants to beat his little brother and make sure he knows who the big dog is.”

William Contreras and Willson Contreras embrace

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“I didn’t want to get beat by my younger brother,” Willson said with a smile. “I’m pretty sure that he was thinking the same thing.”

“That was a designed play that we have,” Willson said. “They gave me the green light. They have to decide to throw to second base.”

The big brother then cracked a smile. “But that’s 1-0,” he added.

Braves pitcher Kyle Wright, who was waiting to pitch the first to Willson watched from the mound as the brothers shared their hug.

“I was hoping they would have a little bit of moment there,” Wright said. “I can only imagine if that was my brother. I would want that, too. It’s pretty special for two brothers to do that. There are not too many guys in this game that have been able to do that.”

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