Mets’ Yohan Ramirez handed three-game SUSPENSION for throwing at Rhys Hoskins

Yohan Ramirez has filed an appeal against the three-game suspension against him and claimed his throw at Rhys Hoskins was not intentional.

Mets’ Yohan Ramirez handed three-game SUSPENSION for throwing at Rhys Hoskins

Yohan Ramirez (L) and Rhys Hoskins (R) [Image via Imago)

On Sunday, New York Mets pitcher Yohan Ramirez was disciplined for his actions during the game against the Milwaukee Brewers. The reliever has been handed a three-game suspension by the MLB for throwing at Rhys Hoskins.

The Brewers slugger had been the center of attention in the Opening Weekend as he got into a tangle with Jeff McNeil. During the game on Friday, tempers boiled over, when benches got cleared after Hoskins’ legal slide on second base caught the Mets star which left him angered.

With the tensions already high due to this incident, Ramirez’s high pitch did not do his side any favor. His pitch in the seventh inning went straight over the head of Hoskins who was able to duck just in time.

Despite this, he was able to keep his cool and did not rush out of the batter’s box to confront the pitcher. Ramirez though would charge up from his mound and try to have a word with his opponent.

He was later ejected from the game. Meanwhile his coach, Carlos Mendoza would receive a one-game suspension for trying to argue with the umpires regarding his pitcher’s ejection.

Ramirez found out about the suspension when he reached the ballpark. He has since filed an appeal on this suspension and claimed his throw to Hoskins was not intentional.

Yeah, I was really surprised when I arrived at the ballpark and the [team] gave me that news right before I went out to go practice. That’s why I decided to appeal. I knew I was going to appeal, because I know it wasn’t intentional.
Yohan Ramirez said through interpreter Alan Suriel via SNY.

Mets announcer Ron Darling criticizes Yohan Ramirez’s pitch

While Yohan Ramirez claimed his actions against Rhys Hoskins was not on purpose, very few seemed to believe in him. Even the New York Mets broadcasting crew seemed unimpressed with the way the pitcher threw the pitch. Ron Darling, the team’s announcer would claim the message from Ramirez was “about two hours late“.

Yohan Ramirez
Yohan Ramirez (Image via Imago)

While discussing the play, Darling would expand his take and explain how “You don’t throw at someone” after they had already beaten you.

If you wanted to send a message from what happened yesterday to protect your second baseman (Jeff) McNeil, his first at-bat, you brush him back, get him off the plate a little, let him know, we recognize what happened yesterday, that’s not going to happen today, and then we play ball. You don’t throw at someone after he’s beat your head in. That’s not when you throw at someone.
Ron Darling said on Yohan Ramirez’s pitch.

Due to the appeal of Ramirez, his suspension is currently put on hold, which allows him to participate in games. If he loses the appeal, he will no other option rather than sitting out for three games.

On the other hand, the Mets ended up losing this game and another 4-1 loss on Sunday meant they got swept in the opening series. They will now face the unbeaten Detroit Tigers in their next series and hope to get their season up and running on Monday.

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