“Bars are where magic happens” – Conor McGregor promotes $400 million worth Whiskey using Israel Adesanya’s bar story about Alex Pereira

Former UFC double champion Conor McGregor uses creative and hilarious way to promote his whisky.

“Bars are where magic happens” – Conor McGregor promotes $400 million worth Whiskey using Israel Adesanya’s bar story about Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya and Conor McGregor (image credit- IMAGO)

Conor McGregor continues to be a high-profile figure in the world of combat sports even though he is not fighting. Furthermore, McGregor is associated with a brand of whiskey called Proper No. Twelve, which is an Irish whiskey that McGregor launched in 2018.


As such, McGregor has been actively involved in the promotion and marketing of his $400 million-worth Proper No. Twelve whisky. In addition, McGregor recently used the Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira bar story to promote his whisky by stating:

Bars are where the magic happens! Especially the iconic @blackforgeinn bar! Drink @ForgedStout and @ProperWhiskey, responsibly.

The hilarious promotion was a reference to the story of how Adesanya once mentioned Pereira in an interview. Poatan had an apt response to Adesanya’s words in the post-fight octagon interview at UFC 295:

I’m not the type of guy to call people out but there’s a guy that back in the day [who] did some interviews and said I was a guy who was just going to stay in the bar. That motivated me. He rescued me from a bar to be here today.

Furthermore, this led to Pereira getting motivated to transition from kickboxing to MMA, and he signed with the UFC. Hence, Pereira would have potentially never been a UFC fighter if Adesanya had not spoken about him being in a bar during an interview.

Conor McGregor might not fight in UFC 300

McGregor was supposed to fight Michael Chandler at UFC 300, but his return to the Octagon may further be delayed. Further, fans have been anticipating McGregor’s return to the UFC for the last two years after his injury in 2021.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor(Image courtesy: IMAGO)

Subsequently, McGregor has been out of the USADA testing pool, which has led people to believe that he is using PEDs. However, recently, McGregor made it clear how he wishes to return to his profession because he is not done yet. But Conor McGregor’s next bout won’t be taking place at UFC 300, at least according to his trainer, John Kavanagh.

Subsequently, Kavanagh revealed that all of them were expecting McGregor to make a potential return for UFC 300, but he may have to wait until April. Hence, Kavanagh believed that McGregor would be returning to the octagon by the summer of 2024 or longer than that.


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