“She doesn’t like losers” – Fans launch savage trolling campaign as Dillon Danis gets caught flirting on model

Dillon Danis' flirtatious dig at Sommer Ray's quote of understanding self-worth gets trolled vibrantly.

“She doesn’t like losers” – Fans launch savage trolling campaign as Dillon Danis gets caught flirting on model

Dillon Danis (Source: IMAGO)

Sommer Ray is an American fitness model and social media star. Ray was formerly a competitive youth bodybuilder. She dropped out of high school due to excessive bullying and body-shaming for the bodybuilding photos she would post on her social media. Recently, Bellator star Dillon Danis keenly slid into a conversation with the model-turned-influencer.

Danis recently competed in an exhibition boxing match with influencer-turned-boxer Logan Paul. Despite talking a big game, and edging the opponent on several times, Paul utterly dominated Danis in the matchup. He was disqualified for trying to go for a leg drag down on Paul; a move illegal in boxing stipulations.


Taking to X, Ray posted an inspirational quotation of self-worth. Danis had flirtatiously prompted that she was worth a lot. A fan reaction read:

Settle down. She doesn’t like losers.

The boxing match was under DAZN Series 10 – Misfits Boxing. The Pay-per-view event saw Danis being out of depth, and staggering, from the get-go. The match had gained such high traction with Nina Agdal, Paul’s fiancé.

Danis had taken to trolling the couple online, by releasing overtly revealing snaps of Agdal. Leading up to the match, Agdal had filed for suing the MMA fighter. But Danis paid no heed and continued his shenanigans.


In the build-up to the bout, Danis had garnered a lot of support due to his entertaining antics. But heads swerved the other way when he underperformed to the most extent. Recently, most of his online posts and updates have been trolled with numerous fan reactions. On the other hand, his opponent Paul, made a huge splash at WWE.

Fans react to Dillon Danis’ flirtatious comeback to Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is a renowned internet fitness model. She is easy-go-lucky and candidly open about being hit on by other guys. Recently, MMA star Dillon Danis followed the trend. Ray had posted some content about realizing self-worth. Danis wasted no time in trying out his shot. Fans of the sport, however, have not taken kindly to the loser of the Misfits Boxing DAZN – Series 10.

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul
Dillon Danis and Logan Paul (Source: Instagram/@loganpaul)

Danis is a welterweight division champion of Bellator MMA. El Jefe has also competed in the Pan Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship. As of now, he is a free agent and has been wanting to expand into other combat sports.


Danis has shown interest in joining the UFC multiple times; a sentiment which was sadly never reciprocated. But turning his attention to boxing, his aspirations quickly quivered and became a grudge match with Logan Paul. Fans have not taken nicely to his online presence lately.

Conversely, many fans have once again hinted at Danis being nothing but a keyboard warrior. What lies next for the MMA star is yet unknown. Meanwhile Paul has shifted attention back to WWE.

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